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    Have a few issues with my equipment

    First, thanks for taking the time to read this. I have a few issues, I am hoping someone can help me with. My pool is only 2.5 years old, the water is good but I hate when things do no work properly. Here are my issues: - Pool lights are out of sync, one is different color. - Spa use to...
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    Best water test kit?

    I am sure it's been asked, but let's hear what the best test kit is and why?
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    Black spot in the pool?

    All - thanks for taking the time to read this. I recently noticed a few small black spots that would not brush off when cleaning. They are about a quarter size and only in one corner of the pool. I know black algae can grow from not maintaining a balanced pH level but is this what it
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    Chlorine is low/pH high and white flakes - Saltwater

    I know its most important to maintain the correct pH level before you can do anything else - mine has been between 7.8-8 which i know is high, so I have been adding acid to bring it down. The good thing is that it's coming down BUT the Chlorine has been very low (0.60). I am running a salt water...
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    pH is good but TA is low

    All - I have a new 15k gallon pool with a smart chlorine generator - CL is good, pH was a 7.8 so I added a little bit of muriatic acid; however the TA is coming back at 50ppm. How can I get it in the 80-100ppm range? Appreciate the help!