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    Pentair 3-way Diverter Valve not diverting all water

    Greetings. I'm in Houston, and like a billion other people, various components of my pool equipment and suffered damage. It looks like it is isolated in two places: the cleaner booster pump about the manifold bypass inside of the Pentair Ultratemp heat pump. My question is not actually about...
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    Pentair Racer does everything BUT vacuum

    Good morning. My Pentair Racer moves fine. Its wheel turn at an appropriate pace. It reverses periodically. What it does NOT do is actually vacuum. When I have the pump and booster pump running, if I take the filter bag off and examine the water flow, there is minimal flow in what I'd naively...
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    How do I change gasket on Custom Molded Products PowerClean Chlorinator?

    Greetings, all. I have a Custom Molded Products PowerClean Chlorinator that is leaking from under the top lid. The reddish gasket appeared to be quite degraded, so I ordered another one. The old gasket appears flat and imbedded in a groove in the lid. Here's my dumb question: should I dig...