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    Electrical connection for Hayward Aquarite and Intermatic Digital Timer

    Hello everyone. I am trying to figure out the proper electrical connection in order for the SWG to work in both low and high pump speeds. It currently only turns on with in high speed. My pool timer is the intermatic P1403 and it is currently wired as follows: Terminal 1 = Hot wire coming...
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    Issues with Hayward Blue Essence

    Good day everyone. For some time now I have been pushing along with my old cell (t-9 model). After coming across that it would no longer produce chlorine after 6 years, I decided to buy a new cell. Well it so happens that I am having the exact same issue with the new cell. This time around I...
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    Intermatic Timer PE103ME Losing settings

    Good afternoon. Today as I was troubleshooting the salt cell controller, I detected that my digital timer loses the programming once the power is cut from it. I looked to see if it had a battery backup to replace but I couldn't find any. Does anyone know if there is a hidden battery installed...
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    Aquarite No flow Light

    Hello all. So I have the no flow light solid red on. I have gone ahead and replaced the flow sensor and same thing. I followed a troubleshooting youtube video where it says that if you insert a flat head screw driver into the Rj11 telephone jack, and it blinks then it is the flow sensor and...
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    In the market for new pool vacuum

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and are safe. I've pretty much had it with my current pool vacuum, Kreppy Krauly Great White. I have lost count how many times I have rebuilt the unit in the past two years. From gears, to cam, to overall casing, etc... Currently it just moves...
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    Intermatic P1403ME Digital timer will not shut off

    Hello all. Today I had to shut off the breaker to the pool pump for about an hour. When I turned it back on, the Intermatic P1403ME digital 2 speed timer, had to be reprogrammed. I went ahead and programmed the date and time as the timer rules for each speed were not erased. When 5pm came...
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    Which Salt brand to use

    Hello all. I had my pool replastered about 4 weeks ago so it's time to add the salt and startup the salt water chlorination. I'm looking for suggestions to salt brands to use as I'm not to fond of what my local pool store sells? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks
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    Pentair superflo shuts off after 30 seconds

    Hello all. So I emptied my pool to have it replastered on Thursday. Once the water reached a certain level, I shut off pump and turned off breaker. Turned it back on, primed it and it began turning off after running for a couple of minutes. I have it fully primed now and it's now shutting off...
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    Replastering due to stains

    Hello. So after a long battle with contractor, I am finally getting my pool replastered. Currently it is SGM River Rok Lucayan Blue, well it was supposed to be as it never looked like Lucayan Blue. Long story short, I am now working directly with the pool plastering company, and the guy, an ex...
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    What to do first, Stabalizer or baking soda

    Hello all. Just came back from vacation and pool is unbalanced: PH = 7.8 CA = 110/120 TA = I couldn't get a reading using 25ml test so I had to do the 10ml test and it's about 60 so which should I tackle first, CA or TA? thanks for info.
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    When to add stabilizer?

    Hello all. With my pool kit I can test pretty much everything, but I'm unsure when I need to add stabilizer? Can someone let me know how to test and when it should be added? Thanks in advance.
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    Forced to replaster new pool

    Hello all. Back in October 2015 my new pool was finished and plastered using SGM River Rok Lucayan blue. Thirdly days later after brushing 3 times per day, there were streaks. Fast forward to today, long story short after doing an acid wash after draining pool and a no drain acid wash pool...
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    Increase CYA, what use

    Hello all. I have been doing my own pool tests for about a month. I do have a salt water chlorinated pool about 12k gallons. I did my test today and decided to do a pool store test to compare. Results about average between both: Ph 7.8 Alkalinity 60 ppm CYA 58ppm copper .3ppm these are the...
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    First time doing own pool test

    Hello all. After some youtubing and reading, I finally figured out the testing of the pool water. We do have a salt water chlorinated pool and here are the results: Free and Clear 9.6 Free .4ppm Combined PH 8 Alkalinity 120ppm Calcium Hardness 640 ppm Cyanuric acid 80 I already figured out...
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    Adding Solar Salt

    I have been reading up about the itchy feel while in or out of the pool and Solar Salt should help. I was thinking of adding one bag, but my current salt levels range between 3500 - 3800. After adding the solar salt, do I lower the desired output knob on my Hayward system or leave it as is...
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    What's going on with plaster finish

    Hello all. So many oddness going on with my plaster. The poo was finished in October and I did the SGM River Rok Lucayan Blue Finish. I religiously brushed it for 30 days, three times per day. At first it had minor streaks and I reported it to SGM. their feedback was that the plaster did...
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    New pool, River Rok has uneven color

    Hello all. Pool was plastered 3 weeks ago. Brand new pool. I followed what SGM tech told me to do in regards to brushing 2-3 times per day, no vacuum, certain chemicals after third day. Pool has uneven color and you can see the streak marks of the darker blue. We went with Lucayan blue. Pool...