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    Solid Safety Cover

    I am looking to purchase a solid safety cover for the winter. I live in central New Jersey where we get some snow and a few weeks that are usually below freezing. Can I get a cover without a drain? I have read that pumps don’t fair well when it gets below 0. Thanks
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    Quad DE 100 Issues

    As the title says I have a Quad DE 100 with an Intelliflofx pump. I am having two issues that as a newbie might be showing my lack of knowledge. As some background, I run my pump at 2400 rpm which it equates to 35 GPM for 9 hours a day. I have a flow meter which says it’s 52 GPM. The filter...
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    Pump not drawing water

    I was checking on my pump’s filter basket and noticed it was pretty full of detritus. I opened the cover, emptied the basket and replaced the cover. When I went to restart the pump, it emptied the water in the area of the basket but it’s not drawing water from the drains. The water level is...
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    Pool lights not working

    I have two in-pool lights that I can’t turn on from my Pentair app. I have the IntelliCenter and when I go to the light section and turn on all on, nothing happens. I reset the GFI with no change. Am I missing the lights as there is no lights in the menu? How does the IntelliCenter know where...
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    Flow Meter

    Is there a flow meter that can communicate with the Pentair Intellicenter? I like the FlowVis but would like something that would allow me to check the flow on my phone and adjust the pump accordingly. Thanks
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    Gas heater Question from New Jersey

    Moved from HERE I live in Jersey too and would like to have my pool season from the beginning of April through mid-October. Is the asme overkill? I am in the planning stages of building a fairly large (40k gallon) pool.