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    Hot tub leak (video)

    Just noticed this week that the water level in my hot tub is decreasing. Found this leak: Easy fix? What to do? Thanks!
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    Am I screwed? Hot tub breaker shot, freezing weather for days.

    Murphy's Law in effect. Outside GFCI breaker for hot tub is shot. ( CH250GF ) Earliest I can get it delivered is Sunday. Water in tub itself was 99 degrees when last the water circulated, around 1 PM. Current temperature is 27, feels like 22, with snow on the way. Temps won't be above...
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    Virginia Woman Waits Year for Swimming Pool

    Virginia Woman Waits Year for Swimming Pool - NBC4 Washington
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    Pool company closing...used to clean filter, now doesn't?!

    Moved into house in 2012 and used pool service previous owners used. Last year the guy comes to close the pool, and then after he left, I noticed that he didn't clean the filter as he had done the previous four closings. He said he forgot, then came back and did it. $325 is the price we'd...
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    50 Amp breaker tripping as of yesterday...won't stay on.

    UGH! Noticed the hot tub was off yesterday, turned on the breaker, and it worked fine. Today, it was off again, turned it on, and it started the 2 hour filter cycle. Completed the cycle, and now it is off again, and every time I turn it on, it automatically trips. I believe the hot tub was...
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    Friend's pool...does this look like 35,000 gallons?

    Friend moved into their house in July, opened pool a few weeks ago. Anyway, the previous owner said the pool is 35,000 gallons. Below is a picture. Deep end is 9 feet. Does this look like 35,000 gallons?
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    broken elbow connection on pool pump, picture...

    Opening the pool today, I noticed the elbow connection on the back of the pump is no longer attached flush against the pump. Can I just try to caulk this up for a quick fix?.... or should I replace the elbow? Where would I find this piece? Thanks for the help!
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    Hot tub pump much?

    My hot tub pump needs a relatively simple repair, from what I'm guessing. It started leaking slightly, which means one of the seals needs replacing. Now, it is making a high pitched noise, meaning the bearings need replacing. I've found the kit online for $50, and videos as well on youtube...
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    Small leak from hot tub motor

    I noticed a small bit of water near the hot tub this morning, so I checked it out. Water is spraying out in small drops from the motor. Looks like this is the problem: How to Change Your Hot Tub Pump Seal - YouTube Is this something I should call the repairman for?
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    Keep main drain closed after blowing out lines?

    Just trying to make sure this is correct. After the lines have been blown out, the pool service left the jandy valve with the main drain side closed. This is correct? If, by chance, the jandy valve was moved at some point over the winter, does that mean water could get into the main drain...
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    vacation: leaving pump running, turn off skimmer?

    I've been using BBB with great success for three years. Going on vacation, don't want to inconvenience anyone to check my skimmer basket every other day. If I just turned the skimmer suction off, leaving only the main drain suction, would that be ok? My concern is an overloaded skimmer basket...
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    opening pool for first time...skimmer plug / booster pump ?s, pics

    Cover is off, pool plugs are out, turned pump on.... water is coming out of a hole on the booster pump. There doesn't seem to be any suction in the skimmer. There are two holes in the skimmer. Out of one of them, I took the regular plug. In the other hole, there is a circular plug with...
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    friend said: "the bleach threw the alkaloids through the roof." huh?

    friend said: "the bleach threw the alkaloids through the roof. Tomarrow the acid to kill the bi carb cloud. Any idea what he's talking about? alkaloids?
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    how my pool service closed the pool....

    They drained the water to the appropriate level, blew out the lines, added antifreeze to the lines.... then they added about 2 pounds of dichlor and a bottle of algaecide, and stirred it up a bit with the leaf rake. Shouldn't they have added the chemicals while the pump was running, before...
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    Re: TA levels

    Re: TA levels Split side discussion from here: Butterfly Why does the instruction card with the TF-100 state: "Good TA readings will be around 70 - 90 for salt pools and 100 - 120 for normal pools." when the...
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    possible for Instant Pool Water Conditioner (liquid CYA) to be too old?

    I found an unopened gallon of this Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner in my garage. Previous owner left it for me. It's been there at least two years in a garage that gets hot in the summer, cold in the winter....
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    just had pool what?

    Pool service came by today and opened pool. Didn't look too bad. He said he put in 3.5 to 4 pounds of dichlor, and 1 quart of algaecide. I just tested, and FC is 36. Does algaecide add to FC?
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    excessive amount of skin cells floating on water...

    My wife did some excessive scratching of her dry elbow while she was in the hot tub. Now there is a lot of dead skin cells visibly floating on the surface of the water. Just add bleach as normal?
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    bottle of pool antifreeze left in my skimmer....

    My pool is closed for the season. I went out to check the water level because we had a good amount of rain. I opened the skimmer and found the pool service had left an almost full gallon size bottle of pool antifreeze sitting in the skimmer. Is this supposed to be there?....or did they just...
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    Diluted CYA testing

    Split by moderator from HERE after getting too far off topic. jblizzle Jbizzle.... Couldnt you also add 1/4 pool water, 1/4 cya reagent, and 50% tap water to test when cya is high?.....and then double the results. This would save you 1/4 of the cya reagent.
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    How was tf-100 developed?

    Has this question been asked and answered? How was the tf-100 developed? Solely by duraleigh?
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    Check out these pool store recommendations...

    I'm visiting my wife's aunt in Massachusetts. They have an 11,500 gallon, vinyl liner AGP with a sand filter. They use trichor, and have been shocking with cal hypo. Their water is greenish and cloudy, but you can still see the bottom drain. These are the pool store test results...
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    Big storm a few nights ago in VA...had to drain water...

    test results have changed: pH 7.4 FC 4 TA 60 CH 120 CYA 25 I added what I had left of a calcium increaser.....probably a pound or two. I also added about 4 oz of soda ash to bring the pH up a little, probably to around 7.6. Really necessary to increase TA, or am I ok as long as I keep my...
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    hot tub filter cleaning/replacement

    What are suggested timelines for cleaning and replacing hot tub filters? Links to or info on best practices?
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    FC dropped to zero in spa

    Split by moderator from HERE. jblizzle If FC were to fall to zero for about a day, what would be the best course of action? Bring FC up to shock level for the CYA level? Drain and refill?
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    Why the need to wipe between drops when testing for TA?

    According to the directions in the TF 100: "Add r-009 one drop at a time, swirling between each drop. Wipe the tip of the bottle after every drop with a damp cloth" Is this really necessary? What difference does it make?
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    Has your bleach insulted you today? ... ?hpt=hp_t2
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    if FC drops below minimum, but only for a short while...

    if FC drops below minimum, but only for a short while, is it always necessary to bring it up to shock level if you have CC of 1? I'm a little late adding chlorine tonight....have a FC of 1.5, CYA of 30, and CC of @ 1. Do I really need to bring FC up to 12?
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    Recreational Water Illness and Injury (RWII) Prevention Week

    How much misinformation is in here? ... index.html
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    First pool opening today...

    Had the pool service open the pool today. Upon taking the cover off, the water level was actually full, if not a little high. They vacuumed, turned on the pump and heater, added algaecide and shock. Took them about an hour. Cost: $325. The water actually looks pretty, but a bit...