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    CH was 225 yesterday, added 7kg Calcium Chloride and now 750 ?

    good morning, yes the fill water readings are accurate ant took samples to the store to confirm both my readings and also to check if they picked up any mettle Mike, it is amazing how a very simple thing can cause so much trouble and worry. You have saved me a ton of Grief and possibly a...
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    CH was 225 yesterday, added 7kg Calcium Chloride and now 750 ?

    tested again tonight CH is 725… !! not much of a drop, is the Pool Math app actuate ? On the first test CH at 30, it said to add 65 lbs - I added 15.4 lbs the next day i had increase to 80, it said to add 55lbs - I added 15.4 lbs next day 225 and it said to add 24 lbs 15.4 lbs in am and...
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    CH was 225 yesterday, added 7kg Calcium Chloride and now 750 ?

    thanks team let’s hope ! i will recheck in am.
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    CH was 225 yesterday, added 7kg Calcium Chloride and now 750 ?

    on the 16th ( new water) CH was 30 pool math said to add 65 lbs 29kg add 7kg 17th 80 add 7kg 18th 225 add 7kg i sure hope i don’t have to remove water !!! not good
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    CH was 225 yesterday, added 7kg Calcium Chloride and now 750 ?

    fc 2.4 cc 3.6 ph 7.2 ta 70 ch 750 Yesterdat CH 225 pool math said to add 11kg, i added 7 kg and now ate 750! any thoughts? ( I also added 900 g stabilizer as cya was at <30
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    4th attempt

    thanks unfortunately there is nothing on the web or the container of what the other ingredients are….
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    4th attempt

    Thanks Pat, i gave it a good try but not much luck. The good thinks is the pool is now filled with fresh water (5 trucks) and it did not collapse The current levels are FC 0 CC 0 PH 7.2 TA 30 CH 30 CYA 0 I assume the plan of attack would be to bring up the Cya and Fc. Going forward I will be...
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    4th attempt

    thanks Allan, I will try some cut wax and see how that dose.
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    4th attempt

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    4th attempt

    although we have added citric acid to the water for 30hr and it has worked well, we still have this discolouration and can see that below the water line it is a lighter colour. We have tried citric in a sock and Ascorbic acid and it has not worked any thoughts ? we don’t have access to Jacks stuff
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    4th attempt

    10lbs citric acid today and will brace and drain down tomorrow 90% of stains have lifted, ph down to 6.4, fc .1, copper .2, iron .2
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    4th attempt

    thanks for the help, we are at the end of our rope…. I should clarify that before the chlorine was added, and while the stain was lifted, the ppm of iron did not change. Also we did check the tap water and it was clean of iron and copper, we are also pumping pool water from a dump pump through a...
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    4th attempt

    thanks for the info. The test from the store, 2 of the, showed only 0.1 of iron and .04 of copper. I can only add that After the metal dropped back onto the fibreglass the reading also dropped but only the copper from .04 to .03, also that there is a fitting on the old heat pump that is leaking...
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    4th attempt

    Hello all i am new to pools and this one came with the house and i am not sure of its maintenance history. It is 10 years old, fibreglass, 20,000 gal, cartridge filter. The heat pump has been removed - it had a leak and likely the source of copper. The house water is from a well and has been...
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