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    Spa Jets / Blower

    I haven’t tried removing the jets. They’re screwed in there pretty good, would need a wrench to get some leverage to get them off. Here is the best picture I have.
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    Spa Jets / Blower

    Hi All, Quick question, our pool/spa recently got completed in July. We've noticed that when going to spa mode the jets/bubbles don't fully activate unless you turn on the blower first for say 3-5 seconds then turn it off. If If you leave the blower on then you also get the really big extra...
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    Salt Water Levels & SWG output

    Marty, which do you use on the pool math calculator for liquid chlorine ( I see HD has some and says 10% sodium hypochlorite)?
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    Salt Water Levels & SWG output

    I only used them for a couple weeks before the SWG was turned on. However here are the ingredients listed
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    Salt Water Levels & SWG output

    Plaster Yes - Wet Edge - Pebble Finish I have a 35 lb bucket of Chlorine tablets. Can I use those instead? (Pool Time Max Blue 6 in 1) Any reason to go to 10 PPM Specifically?
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    Salt Water Levels & SWG output

    I have a Taylor salt test kit on the way. Can't be here until Sunday. SWG (Jandy Aquapure 1400 shows 3000). Just happened to take my sample to Leslie's for the heck of it and they showed 1900. Anybody had this far of a discrepancy. I also have a Taylor Pool Kit We have a new pool since July...
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    New pool SWG - Jandy Aquapure (FC Levels?

    Hi Jim We have a Jandy Variable Speed E-Pump (Currently running at 2,000 RPM) I checked the FC level just now and were at about 4.4-4.6 (Pump ran overnight) CYA seems to be between 55-60 as well. I didn't add any stabilizer.
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    New pool SWG - Jandy Aquapure (FC Levels?

    Yes an aqua pure 1400. What do you suggest?
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    New pool SWG - Jandy Aquapure (FC Levels?

    We're about 18,000 Gallons and running the pump for about 10 hours currently. Brand new pool w/ Wet edge pebble on July 7th. I'll definitely start using Muriatic acid in the future. Original PB left a handle of stabilizer that I still have a bit left of.
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    New pool SWG - Jandy Aquapure (FC Levels?

    How is one getting the FC levels to 4 or 5 with a SWG? We just had our new build converted yesterday and FC levels are at 1.8 at 85% output with the Jandy Aquapure PLC 1400. Tested with a Taylor K-2006c kit TA - 90 CYA - 30 (Just had about 1 1/2 days of rainfall. FC - 1.8 PH - 8.0 (just put...
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    Fort Worth, TX New Pool Build (North Texas)

    Wet Edge Cadet Blue Plaster on 7/7 Acid Washed on 7/8 Filled on Thursday evening finished Saturday morning 7/10. We returned home on 7/12 and the pool was 102 degrees. They test fired the heater and forgot to turn it off Hope all will be well. They also threw in a Polaris, which never ran that...
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    Fort Worth, TX New Pool Build (North Texas)

    Plaster 7/7/21 - Were out of town in the Bahamas but watched them through the camera (Wet Edge - Cadet Blue)
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    Fort Worth, TX New Pool Build (North Texas)

    Hey Tom. The company that did it is below. Let me know if any other questions!
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    Fort Worth, TX New Pool Build (North Texas)

    It’s about $4/sq for for the multi colored, we priced in the single color texture which was $3 but I saw the multi colored on their website (Dallas area)
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    Fort Worth, TX New Pool Build (North Texas) It's suppose to keep the deck cooler, I wouldn't say heat resistant, but ours was a 3 day process. (Power wash/acid wash) then they put a slurry coat over existing concrete. Next step is a base coat layer that they paint and seal with...
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    Fort Worth, TX New Pool Build (North Texas)

    6/25/22 - Spraydeck complete. Love the outcome.
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