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  1. Thethreetheory77

    What is this darkening in the pool?

    Can someone give me an idea of what this darkening is in the pool? They are dark streaks and big blotches on the bottom of the pool. Have no idea what they could be except maybe due to my calcium hardness at 200? I know I need to bring that up but I have no idea what is causing this.
  2. Thethreetheory77

    Pool light not repaired correctly

    My pool light fell out and a repairman came and put it back in. This does not look like he did a very good job- it has a gap all the way around it! Can someone chime in on this? I don’t want to pay for this work. What will happen with it not sealed right?
  3. Thethreetheory77

    Calcium hardness

    I need to add ch to the pool. It’s testing at 200 right now. I have a plaster pool. Should I raise to 300? How much do I put in at a time and what is the best method? Thanks!
  4. Thethreetheory77


    My TA is currently at 70. My ph is about 7.6. What is the the ideal TA for a manually chlorinated pool? Tfp says 60-90 but my test kit says 100-120. My daughter is complaining of her nose and eyes itching in the pool and she thinks it’s the chlorine level which is kept between 7 and 10. My cya...
  5. Thethreetheory77

    Question about high fc and phosphates

    I had a pool repairman come today to fix our pool light and to look at a slow drip from our pump. He changed my lever to mostly open drain/closed skimmer (80/20). He said the drain should work more than the skimmer but I thought otherwise so had it set at 80/20 skimmer-drain. Anyhow, he was a...
  6. Thethreetheory77

    Pump run time

    I hope I am posting in the right place. Anyway, I am running my pump five hours a day. I have a Hayward single speed 1.5 hp pump. The water is crystal clear. I backed up a couple months ago from 8 hours. Do you think it’s safe to go back another hour to 4? I don’t know how long I’m supposed to...
  7. Thethreetheory77


    I have the tf-100 and am almost out of r-0871 regeant. Can’t I purchase the Taylor 2ounce on amazon and use with the powder I still have? It’s cheaper for me on prime than on tf test kits with shipping.
  8. Thethreetheory77

    How long to run pump after adding bleach and cya?

    So I’ve been adding bleach consistently around five pm each evening after the sun is off the pool. The timer turns off at 7 pm. I run it from 2pm to 7pm ( I was running it 8 but I’m trying to run just the amount needed for clarity and chemical mixing). Is 2 hours sufficient enough to mix the...
  9. Thethreetheory77

    TA dropping

    My TA was 100 about two weeks ago. I tested today and it read 60. I read pool school and I’m assuming this is an acceptable number? What’s the lowest it should go and the highest? Will rain and sun dilute this and that’s why it dropped so much? My ph is 7.5. Sorry for all the questions.
  10. Thethreetheory77

    Free chlorine

    Is it ok to keep my fc around 9? My cya is 50 right now and I get super nervous about it dropping to or below minimum fc level so I’ve been dosing to about 9 when it hits 6. Is this a problem?
  11. Thethreetheory77

    Just got my tf-100 kit

    Tested with my tf-100 kit today. FC 13.5 Cc 0 Ph 7.5 TA 90 Ch 175 Cya 50 I’ve been putting 50 oz of 10% chlorine until my test got here to be on the safe side. Should I automatically do the oclt just to be safe and should I let my chlorine fall a bit before adding more? Also, when should I...
  12. Thethreetheory77

    Cya level

    My cya is currently at 40. What is a good level to hold fc in Florida? We aren’t in the rainy, extremely hot season yet but very close. Still waiting on my test kit to see what my actual levels are based on the tf-100. I am hoping to not see myself dumping 100 a month in chlorine.
  13. Thethreetheory77

    Just starting out! How are these numbers/any advice

    I ordered a Taylor k-2006 test kit but it won’t be here until Monday. I’ve been using the pool master five way (I know it’s not the best) Just fired the pool company that had my levels completely out of whack. I balanced them myself with Muriatic acid and liquid chlorine from the pool store...