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    Filter strainer issue

    just noticed this afternoon that my pool wasn’t circulating. When I went to the equipment I saw that the pump was on, but water wasn’t Moving through the filter strainer. I also noticed that the heater has a “clean filter strainer” message on it. I opened up the strainer and a couple...
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    Laars LT heater

    Getting ready for the holiday weekend and had our pool heater on today. It got to the target temp (88°) and then stopped working soon thereafter. Went and checked the heater and The service light and the ES 1 lights are blinking. Can anyone tell me what that might be?
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    SLAMming Chlorine

    Hello TFP'rs- I'm using the Pool Math app and SLAMming my pool. I just purchased some new chlorinating liquid from Home Depot, but not sure which Sanitizer it is in the app. attached a pic of the bottle. is it just Bleach @ 10%? I don't see a Sodium Hypo option, just Cal-Hypo and Lithium...
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    Pool losing water

    I've been losing water in my pool for several weeks now. It happens only when the pool is on. It will drop 1.5-2" in a normal filter cycle. I don't have any visible leaks at the pool equipment and no bubbles in the pool. If the pool is not running for a full day the level does not drop. Are...
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    Filter Leaking

    Good morning. Looking for advice. I just got finished with a SLAM last Tuesday. Since then I have had to re-fill my pool with water almost everyday, at least an inch. I started investigating at the equipment pad and noticed water leaking from the back joint of the clamp keeping the top and...
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    Getting my Chlorine under control

    Hello and thanks for this website. Trying to get my pool in control in general and this is helping a lot. I just received my new bad boy test kit in the mail yesterday and tested today: FC - 0 !!! pH - 8.0 TA - 130 CH - 180 CYA - 42 CSI - .14 I went and bought some Bleach and added 1gal of...
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    Pool running fine except spa return/spillover suddenly not working.

    Hello- Fairly novice pool-maintainer and TFP newbie here. Pool has been running fine but just yesterday I noticed the return/spillover from the spa into the pool was not running. I checked all the return valves and they are open. I actually did a full filter clean since I was planning to do...