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  1. Slmcveigh72

    High Ph

    Our pool finished completion at the beginning of last summer. I have been following TFP since before we started construction. We use the TF pool testing kit. Here’s my delima, I can’t get my pH down, it has never been under 8.2. I test weekly (record my numbers in Pool Math) and every week its...
  2. Slmcveigh72

    Start up pool guy threatening to add “special chemicals”

    We have a new pool - completed construction and had water trucked in on 6/11. My hubby was worried about the start up and we agreed to having a company come to “start it up” and then we would take it over. The start up consists of coming out 3 times a week, brushing the pool, and getting the...
  3. Slmcveigh72

    New Build Northern California Spring 2020

    I have been lurking on here for YEARS. I am so excited to say that we broke ground today on our very own inground pool! Everyone here has been so helpful and kind, which gave us the confidence to do an owner build:giggle: They will be back in the morning to continue the dig, luckily we were...
  4. Slmcveigh72

    New design- looking for suggestions

    Need advice on the design of our pool. I feel like it should be closer to the house, but is there anything else I should add/remove? Thank you in advance!
  5. Slmcveigh72

    Electrical planning for pool pumps/lights

    We are in the process of planning a freeform pool/spa combo (37x17’). before we can get started on the pool, we have to complete our unfinished basement. Our pool equipment will be on the other side of the house from the breaker box. While we were interviewing contractors and letting them know...
  6. Slmcveigh72

    New to TFP and looking for advice and ideas before building

    Hi! We are from Northern California between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. We have a very large, ugly, and dry back yard. It is just screaming for a pool. See attached pic. We are looking to install an inground pool. We have never owned a pool before so, we want to be well informed. Also, very...