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    Cracks in Gunite

    Thank you for the replies. I'll try and see how deep they are and also discuss it with the PM.
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    Cracks in Gunite

    This is an awesome Forum. I have learned a lot just by searching through threads. Our gunite was shot a little over a month ago. On the side of one of the steps there is a crack that runs up the side. On the top of the step there is a smaller crack that radiates in an oval shape up over the...
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    New Build South Texas

    After a couple visits with our PB, we settled on a design equipment that we wanted. This week they came in a dug the pool. We took measurements and everything measured correctly. It rained pretty hard the other night. There was some minor washout, but nothing that I thought was too bad. The...
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    New Build South Texas

    I am just trying to figure out how to position the lights so they do not shine towards the house or main sitting area. I've read that it can be annoying looking into the lights.
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    Pool Construction_006.jpg

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    New Build South Texas

    Thank you for the help. We will be meeting with out PB tomorrow. To upgrade to a SWCG (I am assuming the IC40, but he didn't say) they are quoting $1750. Does this sound about right? He doesn't suggest a second skimmer, but we will be adding the second one as there seems to be good value added...
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    New Build South Texas

    I looked up the signed document and it does say IntelliConnect System. I will ask about the IntelliCenter upgrade with he IC40 or IC 60.
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    New Build South Texas

    We didn't choose the Intelliconnect. It is just what they put on the bid. I will ask about upgrading for more relays. Is there a recommended system? They put the number of gallons in the pool at 20,586 gallons.
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    New Build South Texas

    Hello, I wish I would have found this forum before we signed a contract for our pool as I have found a wealth of information on this site. We should start construction soon and I was hoping for some feedback on our design and equipment before everything gets started. It looks like going with a...
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