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  1. geh

    Thanks Ida

    I added some DE to help filter the sediment from the hurricane. I accidentally added too much. Is it ok to run the filter with this pressure for 4 to 5 hours and then backwash?
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  3. geh

    Thanks Ida

    Need help here too. I got hit by the eyewall. No power. Over 1 million without power and dont expect pool stores to be open.This is my neighbors saltwater pool. They have evacuated and wont br back until services are restored, estimated end of September. His elderly mother died during the...
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  6. geh

    New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip

    The 4 boxes of 20 Mule Borax brought my borates up to 48ppm according to your test. That's about right. My pH went up a bit over 8.0, from the 7.0 that I recorded just before adding the borax. Using the Taylor acid demand test it called for 3.75 quarts of muriatic acid, and at this point I had...
  7. geh

    New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip

    Yes, its a screw cap dropper. I'll use it for other things. I brought my Ph down to 7.0 before I added the borax so I expect it will be around 8.0 today, and will bring down accordingly. I used boric acid last time and this is a top-off and it was in the store so I just got the borax. Thanks for...
  8. geh

    New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip

    This is great. I finally got all the materials and my borate tested at 36ppm which is around where I suspected it would be. So My pool math calculator is telling me 4 boxes of Borax for my volume pool (roughly 15,600 gal.) to bring it up around 50ppm. One question: I have this dropper with .5ml...
  9. geh

    Does DPD Powder have a shelf life?

    Thanks, I will keep it in a ziplock and just periodically refill the small container in the test kit. Right now the bottom of that small container has solidified blue so I will soak it in hot soapy water to clean it up, then do my best to keep the powder dry. I'll keep it in a drawer inside...
  10. geh

    Does DPD Powder have a shelf life?

    I just bought this whamma jamma. Should last me a long time
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  12. geh

    I think USPS lost my TFT order

    USPS is the worst. This past month I had several notifications my package was delivered (several different packages) when it wasn't, only for them to be delivered a week or so later. Also, I get notices saying could not access front door, which is hogwash. I now try to pay extra for shipping to...
  13. geh

    New (+1st timer) Pool Build - North DFW

    Cool video. That's a lot of rock they ran into!
  14. geh

    Questions about DE for sand filter

    Funny! And as @hwy17 said above, Cali likely has gone too far in some of this, but I will say this stuff is very fine powder and I can see how inhaling it can be bad for you. I live in cancer alley in Louisiana and I think I'm exposed to enough pulmonary toxins thqat best to be careful with it...
  15. geh

    CYA directly into pool

    Brushing and vacuum seemed to take care of it. I don't think it discolored the plaster but I'll look more closely soon. Thanks.
  16. geh

    CYA directly into pool

    thanks. Been brushing, its spreading around now. Will vacuum now. What about the robot, will that damage it?
  17. geh

    CYA directly into pool

    Not thinking, I added 3 lbs of stabilizer directly into the pool, before I remembered it shold be in a pool sock in the skimmer. Now I have CYA on the bottom of my pool. Is that ok or am I risking damaging the plaster? Any remedy for this mistake? Also, yay or nay on running my pool robot in the...
  18. geh

    Pool deck drainage

    update Inside the primary drain box the dirt accumulation was not significant, and drain pipe clear as far as I could see and reach, so if there is clogging its somewhere further in the drain line
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  24. geh

    Pool deck drainage

    part of the problem was a neighbor's chinese tallow tree that encroached over my deck since we bought the house, and used to rain a ton of debris onto our deck, so I have pulled that square drain cover before to clear it out in that localized spot. I have no idea if the pipe is clogged up or how...
  25. geh

    Pool deck drainage

    We have been getting some torrential rains from storm fronts moving through over the past months and my pool has overflowed onto my deck several times. Looks like I have to unclog the deck drainage because the deck drains very slow, exacerbating the problem, causing a little lake, and dragging...
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    pool drainage 1.jpg

  30. geh

    Newly re-balanced water, where to go from here

    Actually, right now a cold front moved through, crazy strong winds from the NW, clear and dry skies at the moment, but maybe a combination of that and high noon sun, if its not a water clarity thing.