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  1. CraigChing

    Hayward s200 sand filter leaking

    I recently replaced the zeo sand in my filter with regular sand. I’ve put all the bolts back on (what a pain!) and now it’s leaking. I did replace the o ring and lubed it, maybe I didn’t use enough? I’m also concerned about how tight I should tighten the bolts. When I took them off, I could just...
  2. CraigChing

    Replacing valves

    I think I have water chemistry under control, so it’s time I get into my equipment more 😀 I definitely have a suction side leak in the valve labeled “md”. When closing for the winter, we closed the md valve and air was coming out the main drain when blowing out the skimmer lines. First, what...
  3. CraigChing

    Questions about lowering my CYA

    To make a long story short, pool maintained by previous owner using dichlor/trichlor and having learned about the FC/CYA relationship late last year, I started using liquid chlorine and TFP methods (for the most part) this year. I had an extremely high CYA, probably > 300 at the end of last...
  4. CraigChing


    Testing pool math badge