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    Water and debris on automatic pool cover

    Hi all, I got my Coverstar pool cover installed but I’m trying to figure out what to do with leafs and pine needles mixed with water that collects on the cover. I have a pump that pumps the water off the cover but how do you deal with the sticky pine needles and leaves on the cover? Cleaning...
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    Air bubble in strainer basket - normal?

    Hello all, I got my pool built recently. My friend mentioned I had air in my strainer basket and indicator of air leak. Here is the video: You can see Pentair 3hp intelliflow with strainer with air bubble running at full speed and Pentair 1hp pump with no air bubble. questions: 1. Is this...
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    New pool, spa jet pump lost prime and won’t prime

    Hi, new pool installed. Spa jet has 1hp Pentair Superflo dedicated to four jets. The spa jet suction and return are isolated from the rest of pool plumbing. No check valve. PB primed the Superflo and spa jet is working last week. I haven’t touched it since then and now it won’t prime. Pump is...
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    Pentair Intelliflo 3hp auto shutoff at manual mode?

    Hi, My new pool has intelliflo 3hp pump. I’m trying to set it to manual mode and run indefinitely to filter my pool before cleaning according to pool builder. However, the pump seems auto shut off after a day or so. Is there some auto shut off feature? I tried to run it at max rpm in manual...
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    Can I have two 2" lines connected to 1 pump?

    I have a 3HP pentair VSP. According to this slide, 2" line max flow is 63gpm - 84gpm: 3HP pentair does 120gpm at full speed with 70' head...
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    Cholrine puck stained my new fiberglass pool...

    My pool was installed but waiting for equipment . My silly self decided to throw few cholrine pucks so i don’t get algae. Unfortunately, now the bottom of my pool has a light coloured stain of the pucks (my pool is darker color) Is there any way to fix this or I’m out of luck?
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    Should I return my 1HP Pentair superflow and use the 3HP Pentair intelliflo?

    On top of the standard one 2" suction/skimmer, I added 4 more suctions ports with 2x 2" pipe to support my water features. I'm thinking whether if I should plumb all my water features to the 3HP pump or split to two pumps? My head is about 70' Water features: 4 spa jet 6 Laminar flow 3 sheer...
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    How to insulate Plumbing for winter pool use?

    My trench for plumbing is still open so I'm thinking maybe I should add some insulation if I intend to use the pool in winter. I'm in Ontario, Canada so similar weather to NY. The trench for my plumbing is only 2' deep so not under frost line but will it still help if I XPS rigid insulation...
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    3HP Pentair Pump - catridge or sand filter?

    I have a new Ultimate 35 pool 35x15. I think about 17000 gallons. I speced the pentair intelliflo 3hp pump. The distance from pump to suction is at least 60-70'. I have SWG and plan to run several water features. I was gonna use Hayward 30" sand filter but max flow is only 95gpm whereas...
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    PB cost for Jandy Equipments

    I'm going to buy my own Pentair equipement so I'm gonna get a credit back from PB for jandy. I'm wondering what fair price should I get back: 1. Single Speed Jandy 1hp pump 2. Truclear SWG 3. 260k Jandy heater
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    New Leisure Ultimate 35 Pentair Equipment Stack - Comments please

    My PB does Jandy but I want to switch to Pentair for ease of DIY automation. I'ming the following stack: Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump with Rotating Control Interface 3hp Pentair IntelliChlor IC40 Salt System Raypak digital 332k electronic ignition Pentair 1hp superflo...
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    Pool pumps and automation electrical work

    Can normal electrician connect the electrical work to hook up pumps and salt water Cholrinator? I’m also getting Jandy automation. Do I need special electrician or any electrician can do it easily?
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    How do I divert water in a water basin to prevent overflow?

    Hi, I want to build a separate water basin just to house my non-priming submersible custom pumps for water features. This basin will be hidden away. Here is how water flow: 1)Pool -> 2) Pool Pump -> 3) Water Feature Return -> 4) My Basin -> 5) Custom Pump -> 6) Water Goes back to Pool My...
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    Solution for non-priming pumps fountain for inground pool

    Hi, I just put a deposit down for a ultimate 35' fiberglass pool. I'm planning to add fountain as I described here: Dry land water fountain on deck next to pool My plan is to have a tanning ledge like this with fountain inside and few deck jets. I'm trying to figure out how I can supply...
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    Looking for a new pool in Toronto Canada for 2021 season - advice needed

    Hi all, I'm a newbie looking to install a pool in Toronto area and have few questions to those of you who are experienced: 1. Any preference for concrete vs fiberglass in cold weather in Canada? I personally prefer fiberglass because of its low maintenance quality. 2. What is the approximate...