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    Temporary piping for leaking pool

    All right, guys. Yet again, my pool has sprung a leak. I'm busy seeing where it settles (level wise) and then will begin what might be a challenging repair. I have another thread for the leak. This thread is about how I might be able to use my filter and pump while my skimmer and my return...
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    Equipment overhaul: what to gut, what to salvage

    Hi TFP! I have a challenging pool and have struggled for years with it. It takes a long time to get to usable, is too cold when I get there, uses a lot of power to get there, etc. This year, I'm thinking of overhauling the equipment to see if I can make it more efficient and easier to...
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    Should I add a sump basin to my pool while its empty?

    Hi guys, I hope this is the right folder for this question: I have a decent sized (25k g?) shotcrete pool that is 40 years old. Recently I have had some trouble with my hydrostatic relief valve (probably). I appreciate getting steered in the right direction here...
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    Leak deep underground, your basic pool nightmare

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and having a terrible week pool wise. I'm hoping to get ideas and directions for how to DIY a repair as the local pool industry here is not very deep and is very busy. I've got a shotcrete (smooth concrete) pool with a gunnite surround. It's about 40 years old...
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    New to the forum, pool owner for 10 years, still can't get it right

    Hi, First time on this forum. Decade long owner of a 40 some year old shotcrete/gunnite pool that has not been easy to deal with.