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    Pump Replacement

    I verified there is 240V running to the pool equipment. I read 240V inputting to the timer and exiting the timer. The input to the safety switch also read 240V but the output was only 2.3V. So the safety switch is the culprit! Once I replace that I should be in business. Will report back once...
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    Pump Replacement

    It reads 124V
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    Pump Replacement

    Voltage came back at 231V which should be right on the money. The nameplate gives a 208-230V range.
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    Pump Replacement

    Thanks for the insight. I’ll get one of those tomorrow and report back the results!
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    Pump Replacement

    Hi all, we recently left our pump (Hayward Super Pump) running over the weekend and came home to it not running. I tried everything I could think of: testing power with voltage tester all the way to the motor hookups, checking for debris/obstructions, there was no humming whatsoever so I did not...