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    Do I need a new seal plate?

    I am replacing my motor due to bad bearings, and when I removed the seal plate and mounting plate from the motor, I noticed they were looking like this. Can I just clean these up, and reinstall with the new motor, or do these look like they need to be replaced? Obviously there is a lot of...
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    Hayward pump warranty on a warranty replacement?

    Does anyone know if I get the same 3 year warranty on a pump motor that I already had replaced under warranty? About 18 months ago, my pump motor went out and Hayward replaced it under warranty. Now, I fear my bearings are going out, because I noticed this AM that my pump was squealing really...
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    CYA Addition

    So, for the second year in a row, my CYA dropped to zero over the winter. It never did this before, and who knows why. That being said, I think last year, I remember putting the dry stabilizer in a sock and hanging it over the edge in front of a jet, which seemed to only take a few hours per...
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    Yellow stains on liner

    I have read some other posts pertaining to this, but still a bit confused on what to do. I have a bunch of yellow staining on my pool liner. It looks a lot like it would if you had mustard algae but when you brush, it doesn't come off. I have been SLAM'ing for the past 10 days or so, and the...
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    What chemical order

    I had a pine cone stuck in skimmer line and pool was not circulating for a week and turned green. I blew out clog and now starting my SLAM. Issue is that I have no CYA. I filled tube to the top and can still clearly see dot. Do I bring CYA up first then start SLAM or what? All numbers are way...
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    Skimmer line clogged

    I just realized that my skimmer line has a clog. I had not paid much attention to the pool for past couple months and I was doing some vacuuming today and realized no suction. When I turn valve to only skimmer, the filter basket has no water flow at all, and the skimmer water is still. Here is...
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    Hayward Super Pump trips GFCI

    I have a GFCI outlet coming off my breaker panel inside my house, which then runs outside to my pool timer, and then to my pump, which is a Hayward Super Pump 1HP. The timer has power, but every time the timer kicks on the pump, the GFCI in the house trips. The pump motor never even tries to...
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    SLAM if CYA is zero?

    For past few years, every time I let my water go green over winter, all I really need to do is SLAM, and alll other numbers remain in good range. This year, I started the SLAM, and went to test my water, and found my CYA is zero. I assume it to be zero because the test is as though I am just...
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    Help w/ above ground pool

    I have been a TFP'er for 3 years, and have been able to solve most issues regarding my own pool just fine. My brother lives in Dallas, and just got an above ground vinyl pool. It is 5700 gallons, with a 2500gph pump. He has a Taylor K-2006, and has been testing. His water was perfect until a...
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    Helping convert a friend to TFP

    I have a buddy who I am working to convert to TFPM, but he has a salt pool, and I don't, so not sure how the process differs. I assumed the method would be the same, however, right away I noticed a difference, because the Chlorine/CYA chart only shows a range of 60-80 for CYA on salt pools...
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    help with my chemicals

    Started to clean the pool today after the winter. Have some yellow algae but my SLAM will take care of that. Normally after the pool sits for the winter, my other chemicals have usually been in balance. Today when I ran my tests, my alkalynity was 40, and for my CYA, I filled the tube all the...
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    Algae unless pump is on 24/7

    My pool is crystal clear and I am losing a normal amount of FC per day (1.5 - 2.0), as long as I keep the pump running 24/7. If I set the timer to 12 hrs/day, within 3 days the yellow is back. Any ideas? All readings are within normal range.
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    Reading bleach label

    If the bleach I buy says: Sodium Hypochlorite 8.25% Other Ingredients 91.75% Yields 7.86 Available Chlorine Do I use 8.25% or 7.86% in the pool calculator?
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    Way to tell if sand needs to be replaced

    I have read numerous threads re no need to change sand in filter unless it is not doing its job. My filter is 6-7 years old and up until this year have never had any issues. This year I am getting what looks like fine dirt collecting in certain spots. When I brush, it gets a bit cloudy but then...
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    The algae mystery

    So about a month ago I did my SLAM, and after about 12 days, I passed my OCLT. Since then I have been keeping my FC above 6 (CYA is 40-45, and all other readings are within normal range). I am noticing every 3-4 days, an accumulation of the same light yellow discoloration on the pool sides and...
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    Ideal alkalinity

    Is there a target alkalinity level I should be shooting for. Mine is at 50. All other tests are normal. Water is clear. Passed my OCLT about 2 weeks ago.
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    SLAM frustrations

    I have experience with SLAM's, as I had to do 2 of them last season. This year I let the pool go green over the winter, and started my SLAM on April 15. My numbers for overnight loss are trending down, but my losses during the day are going up. I realize that sunlight will impact the loss...
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    will higher FC make SLAM go quicker?

    I started my SLAM of the year, and at the time, I was out of the CYA reagent, so I trusted the pool store to test it, and it came out at 45, which was about the same as last year. I based my SLAM on that, and used 18 as my target FC. My FC loss numbers are all over the place compared to...
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    No FC loss over days

    Now that is is fall, and the temps are cooling down a bit, I would guess that FC loss would be lower than in the summer, but is it normal to lose very little if any at all? My water is clear, and all other readings are normal, except maybe my calcium which is 120, but I have a vinyl lined pool...
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    Is it really worth it??

    Ao after a long time pool owner, and taking care of all the cleaning, balancing, etc..., I made the switch to the TFP method back in June when I had serious mustard/yellow algae. I SLAM'ed, and my water was so clear, it was awesome. Over a period of a 6 weeks, I must have let the FC drop...
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    pH level during SLAM

    All year, my pH has been perfect. After no pump for 12 days, I got a bunch of algea. I am SLAMing now, but I noticed that my pH is around 8.0, maybe even higher (the color seemed a bit darker than the 8.0 mark). So should I wait until SLAM is done to worry about pH, or should I add some acid...
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    Vacuum vs brush during SLAM

    Is there an order to the process of algea removal? I have SLAM'ed before, so I know that process. First I vacuumed as much of the algea to waste as I could. Then had to fill the pool. Then I started the SLAM. During the SLAM, I am getting more algea on bottom. Can I get away with just...
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    recommendation for replacement pump motor

    After several posts trying to figure out what is wrong with my pump motor, and not getting any replies, I tried to find the bearings thinking I would try replacing them, but I cannot even figure out what type to buy. I called Nidec/US Motors, and they gave me a really long part number that...
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    replace bearings vs new motor?

    I think that after just 3 years, my pump motor bearings may be going bad (brand new motor 3 yrs old). I am hearing a loud whining sound coming from motor. Already replaced the impeller and seal, but that did not help. My question is, if I don't have a bearing puller, then by the time I buy...
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    slight squeal - hayward super pump

    I have a Hayward Super Pump. The pump itself is older, but I replaced the motor shortly after I bought the house (about 3 years ago), with a new AO Smith. Before the first motor quit, the pump was kinda loud like a higher pitch sound. After I replaced the motor, I was suprised at how quiet...
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    Mustard is back but passing OCLT

    So 2 months ago I was a TFP newbie, and learned a lot (thanks to all). I had a 5 day SLAM, and my water was the clearest I have ever seen it. I figured out my pool was losing about 1-1.5 ppm per day, and I was adding 1/2 gallon of 8.25% daily. Sometimes I would add 1 gallon, every 2 days...
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    leak at air bleeder assembly

    I have a Pentair Triton II filter, which has the air bleeder and pressure gauge at the top. The bleeder assembly itself is screwed tightly onto the threaded part that comes out of the top, however, it looks like the leak is coming from under the hex nut that secures the threaded part to the top...
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    DPD Powder Color

    Sorry if this has been answered already, but I searched and could not find it. What color is the actual DPD powder supposed to be? The powder that came with my K-2006 was a light gray with darker grey flakes/granules. I just ordered a replacement, and the powder is pure white, like salt.
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    Buying bulk test kit refills

    Is there any reason to not buy larger quantity refils for my K-2006 kit? I am SLAMing now, and have already run out of the CYA reagent, and getting close to being out of the FAS-DPD reagent. I found 16 oz bottles of each on sale at poolpartsonline for very cheap (R-0871 for $20, and R-0013 for...
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    Chlorine lock?

    I am new to the TFP methods. I am trying to get my CYA to around 50-60 so I can start the SLAM. I have been draining and filling for past week, and testing using my Taylor K-2006. I wasn't sure if I was reading the test correctly because it was still showing like 75, so I ran up to the pool...