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    how many pucks to increase cya from 20 to 40-50

    I still have an inline chlorinator hooked up even though I've been using a Stenner Pump solely. Opened the pool this season over two months ago and cya was around 50. Slow and normal decline over the past two months to roughly 20. I unplugged the stenner and put 6, 3" pucks in the chlorinator...
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    Possibly cloudy?

    Thinking a bit more about this....... I have noticed randomly when I cleaned the pool with the robot, there appears to be DE in the robot filter screen (white powdering substance). Not a lot, maybe enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I usually get tremendous amounts of pollen on the water...
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    Possibly cloudy?

    Pool was opened 5 weeks ago and we have been clear and had perfect chemistry since opening. I had to go back to some old pictures to try a compare the water clarity. To me, it seems like the past 3 or 4 days have created a cloudy/hazy condition primarily in the deep end. Nothing out of the...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    I do not have natural gas in my area and propane is over 5.50$ a gallon delivered. No solar either. Heat pump is the best/only option for me. I've settled on the Aquacal 225 which is 140k btu. Looks to be highest output for a electrical heat pump. The timer makes sense as opposed to running...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    Very helpful. So basically, no timers for the heater just a matter of flow and temperature will determine if the heat pump comes on. Easy enough. That flow meter you suggested looks like a great tool. Probably would help determine the best speed for the VS pump to maximize efficiency for the...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

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    Heat Pump Newbie

    I have a few questions regarding heat pumps that may seem silly but I am just starting to learn about these things. My pool and pool equipment are rather simple. 18x36 in-ground (27000 gal). Hayward vs 500 pump, hayward de filter, stenner pump, 1.5" plumbing. Pool panel only has a 30amp service...
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    That was quick (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
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    Heat Pump Newbie

    As this pool season comes to close in NY, I am starting to plan my spring heat pump installation. Right now I am at the baby phase of learning about heat pumps. First question....all the plumbing for my pool, pump, filter etc. is 1.5". All the heat pumps I am looking at in the 125k btu range...
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    stenner pump running for hours by accident. Over chlorinated

    FC is down to 21 right now from 32. Right at slam level. Should be able to swim tomorrow At the moment the liner did not appear to have any lighter areas. Lets see what develops over the next few days What you wrote is exactly what I was trying to figure out. Makes sense...thanks No pucks...
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    stenner pump running for hours by accident. Over chlorinated

    About a month ago I installed a 30 gallon stenner tank with a 50 GPD pump. It has been running perfectly for the past month for approximately 4 to 5 minutes twice a day which is keeping my FC between 7-8 with a cya of 50. It is plumbed into the return line and connected to a kasa smart plug that...
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    For now I put in 15 gallons and will see how and IF the FC increases consistently with the set time limits. Although my tank will never see direct sunlight, it is outside and subject to the heat. The bleach I added has a date of June 19 and is 10%. I know there are lots of variables that...
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    Very happy with my pump. Connected to a Kasa wifi plug and it runs 10 minutes twice a day about 12 hours apart. Roughly 90oz of 10% bleach every 24 hours. Keeps FC around 7. Plumbed in a new 3 way Jandy, elbows and union while I had the system opened
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    I see in your signature you have 1.5" plumbing as well so your injection fitting should look just like mine right? I ask because I saw a post on this forum about someone with 1.5" plumbing and he said that he needed to use the 1/2" to 1/4" reducer because his fitting kept bottoming out. Perhaphs...
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    Kept it simple and picked up the stenner pump/tank combo. Did some water testing today and the 50gpd pump moves 5oz every 1:07. Should be able to dial this pump in with a timer very easily. Question, when threading the injection fitting into the new piece of 1.5" threaded pipe, the fitting...
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    Liquid Chlorine-Delivered

    How can you be sure its fresh stock?
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    Order the pump and tank. Settled on the 50gpd, 1/4" black tubing at 25psi with a 30 gallon tank. Instead of drilling/tapping an elbow I think I would rather use a tee. Is this the right size? My plumbing is 1.5" My...
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    Which Stenner pump....10 or 22gpd?

    Good advice 👍 On another note, what causes bleech to breakdown quicker......sunlight or heat? I have a shed that is approximately 10 feet away from my equipment pad. I have the option of placing the tank inside the shed which is always dark but also 10-15 degrees warmer then the outside air...