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    Where can I buy a meyco cover?

    I am looking for a meyco rugged mesh cover, can you recommend a reliable online seller? Thanks.
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    Ph vs alk

    I added 1 cup of muriatic acid to lower the ph. Next day I added 2lbs of baking soda to raise alk. Now the ph is back to 7.8 and the alk is at 70ppm. Am I right, if I add muriatic acid the ph goes down and the alk goes down also, if I add baking soda the alk goes up and the ph goes up? If...
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    Water sw open - Rheem Heater

    I am suspicious the water pressure switch is going bad. The story: I installed a new vs pump this year, the 7 year old rheem heater worked fine for the first 2 months. I found a low speed that satisfied the heater and it ran fine at this low speed, 11 gpm. Last week I found the error message...
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    cya and swg

    I was reading the chlorine/cya page (Chlorine / CYA Chart - Trouble Free Pool) checking stuff and noticed the recommended cya level is 70 to 99. Is this right?. I am new to the swg and I had set the cya at 30 like I always did with bleach. Should I raise he cya to 70? Thanks.
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    RJ60 reads -5.0 amps

    I just installed the circupool rj60 today. I paged through the menu and for the cell current it reads -5.0. Is that a dash or is it a negative sign?
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    SWG newbie - will I need 820 lbs of salt?

    -I am installing a new liner and a new circupool rj60. Can I assume a salt level of zero to start? (using Long Islands finest hose water to fill). - 41 bags sounds like alot, does that sound right? Where's a good place to buy that much salt ? (as per the pool calculator, 28000 gal pool...
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    My led readout is unreadable - rheem branded heater model P-M336A-EN-C

    When I power on the led is just all black pixels. It is a rheem branded heater model P-M336A-EN-C. This is the parts diagram Pool Supply Unlimited | Raypak Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater 336k BTU | Electronic Ignition | P-R336A-EN-C 009218 P-M336A-EN-C 009964 Parts. Looks to me like it is...
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    Can I make my wfe-6 a 2 speed pump?

    My pump motor was damaged but the volute is fine, can I get a 2 speed motor and mate it to the volute? Thanks.
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    circupool core 35 vs 55

    The pool is 27000 gals. I have read some advice here to buy the unit one size up to get extra capacity and longer life from the cell. Whats the real deal? Should I do it? Also, does the unit run more efficiently on 220 volt vs 110? Thanks.
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    Replacement liner what should I look out for?

    What should I get, what should I avoid, what do I need to know and how do I not overpay? Thanks :)
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    How long is the average life of a vinyl liner?

    Over this winter I lost about 1/2 the water from the pool. Right now the water level is just above the light. I couldn't see any obvious cause, but it was hard with the safety cover only partially removed. My first liner lasted 20 years, this one is about 10 years old. Just wondering.
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    TEFC- are there pros and cons?

    I am looking to replace my pump motor and noticed the enclosed motor. I haven't seen this before and hoping for some information. The reason I need a new pump is that I let a drip continue too long and it rusted the cover on my 5yo whisperflo. Would this casing have protected the motor from...
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    Replace or repair steps

    I posted this about 5 years ago-- "There are a couple of spots that have a black discoloration, they are raised bumps that are not easily pushed down. These are fiberglass steps that are about 20 years old. The spots look terrible with the black discoloration that streaks away." I didn't do...
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    Mating a pump motor and a pump

    My pump motor is in bad shape. I let a drip persist on a relatively new whisperflo and it rusted pretty bad. The pump portion is in good condition. I was looking at replacement motors and see that it could be a savings. Only thing is I have been told mating the two can be real hard to do...
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    Whisperflo pump rusting on the outside

    This pump was built in 2015, that means it's only been in the weather for maybe 15 months, 3 months per year. It is in really bad shape due to rust . I was looking at parts lists and don't see any listings for the pump cover. I was hoping to just pull the rotted part off and slide on a new...
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    Do you lower your water 4 inches?

    I got the tfp email today and saw the recommendation to lower the water, I haven't done this in years. I used to, then I read somewhere not to. I leave the water at the normal level. I blow out the lines, for the returns I took an elbow that screws into the fitting and a little hose that...
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    Is it algae if I can't brush it off?

    Ever since the winter mesh cover came off I have had what looks like a stains on the vinyl liner. It appears in streaks, it's dark in color, looks like a shadow and I cant brush it off. Last year I bought a cover that turns out does not block the light and I had a huge algae growth. Shocked...
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    Do I want CYA?

    Hi. I was reading the chlorine/cya chart and it says cya at less than 20ppm is not recomended. I brought a sample to the local pool store and he read mine at 10 or less. I use bleach to chlorinate my pool, I check and add daily to keep chlorine at 3ppm after 6pm so the sun is out of my pool...
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    I need a non slip paint or coating for cement deck

    I have cement around my 18x36 inground pool and I need to add a non slip coating. I would like to find what has worked well, and that which has not, for you. The cement around the pool has been there for 15 years and it seems like the paint I have applied over the years has filled in the rough...
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    Blemishes on my steps what are they??

    There are a couple of spots that have a black discoloration, they are raised bumps that are not easily pushed down. These are fiberglass steps that are about 20 years old. The spots look terrible with the black discoloration that streaks away. Should I leave them alone, is a defect in the...
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    I think its an air leak, take a look I am replacing some of the cement around the pool soon so now is the time to repair this. I was hoping someone would recognize the unusual rhythmic nature and tell me something like "Oh thats a ..., just jump in and change it and it...
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    Made some changes and now the pressure is up!

    Hi, I just installed a new Rheem gas heater to replace my old heat pump, and a new whisperflo pump. The other major difference is before I had piped the system with the flexible piping so there were no 90 degree turns, now there are several elbows and hard pvc piping. Thing is the pressure...
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    I'm new here

    But I have had my pool for about 20 years now. I've looked around and this certainly looks like a very good forum. I look forward to contributing if I can. TIA for your help.
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    Raypaks internet policy

    I am shopping online for pool heater, and pretty much decided on the raypak 400k btu unit, until I read the internet sales policy. While they do not come right out and say your warranty will be void if you purchase online, they certainly hint at it and are openly opposed to an internet retail...