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    Need to add liquid chlorine when using SmarterSpa SWG?

    The instructions for the smarter spa have you adjust the zero point so the cell turns on at 0 ppm FC. If you are setting it to kick on sooner you wont need as long run time as they suggest because you are not starting from 0. As duganderson suggested try using 4, or even 3 as the power level...
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    Looking for an option to heat SPA without running through jets using SPA return

    Good idea capping the air inlet. I have an air control valve that i keep closed almost all of the time because i don't like the noise either. Also you can turn down your pump speed and/or get larger diameter jet inserts to calm things down.
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    Winter hot tub cover?
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    Winter hot tub cover?

    Get a spa cap from Beyond Nice. They are on the 100 dollar range and very well made. I ordered a cover and spa cap from them and was impressed with both
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    How to remove this square plug

    Or try getting at it from the bottom? A piece of hard wood cut to fit on a table saw and put a wrench on that? Edit: if you try this remember to turn clockwise - opposite what you'd be used to.
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    DIY Hot Tub, 750 gallons, Questions and Build Updates (Finished!)

    Some action shots and pics of the cover. I ordered the fabric-grey color which would have looked fantastic but they ran out of stock. The brown is ok but doesn't look as good as I hoped. I added 4 oz of AuquaClarity right before these photos so you'll see some foaming that I wouldn't normally be...
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    DIY Hot Tub, 750 gallons, Questions and Build Updates (Finished!)

    My hot tub cover finally showed up yesterday! I still need to take and post pics of that, but let me back up a bit. When I realized it was going to take much longer than expected I made a temporary cover using foam boards with 3.5” metal stud track taped around the outside and plastic taped...
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    Aqua Clarity weekly maintenance & experiences so far......

    Interesting.... Any issues using this product with plaster spas?
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    DIY Hot Tub, 750 gallons, Questions and Build Updates (Finished!)

    Still waiting on my cover. What a bummer because its starting to get cold in the mornings and a nice soak to start the day will be great! I also started leveling a 28 ft diameter site for a future AGP kit and was pretty beat up Saturday night from the digging. Its getting close though. Probably...
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    How to use water level for dum dums

    1) Place the reservoir with water level a few feet higher than dig site. 2) Find and place the tamper at the lowest level on the dig site and mark the water level. I used a clamp. 3) Place the tamper where you will dig. If the water level is 2 inches below the mark dig down 2 inches. Tips...
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    Build Updates - Crazy Seattle Pool Project

    Nicely done so far! I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together. I dont have any advice to give but I'll certainly follow along and root for ya!
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    input on a good cordless bluetooth speaker

    Great recommendation! I bought the motion boom after reading this post and seeing a solid 5 start rating on Amazon. My wife was so impressed we ordered a second Motion Boom to pair with it and a Flare+ for when a 360° speaker makes more sense. We have a pair of Sony SRX-SB40 speakers (one of...
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    DIY Hot Tub, 750 gallons, Questions and Build Updates (Finished!)

    Oh yeah.. hooked up the light as well. There's a couple if different modes but this one is probably my favorite
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    DIY Hot Tub, 750 gallons, Questions and Build Updates (Finished!)

    I spent quite a bit of time this weekend just thinking through how to enclose the back while keeping everything accessible. I went with a hinged enclosure i think will work. The power meter i bought on amazon installed easily and might be the best 12 bucks I've spent so far. If this thing ends...
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