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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    Yep it’s Trex! I’m pretty sure the color is called “clam shell”.
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    Deck beams are all in. I probably should have put this thread in the Above Ground Pool section. Under construction is mostly IG.
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    Saltwater Aurora all-resin pool build thread!

    I recently had the same pool installed. I wrote about it here: Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread Are you liking it so far? Mine looks great, but I just don’t love that it’s not as sturdy as a steel pool.
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    And now the wrap-around deck is beginning to be installed. One major gripe I have with the resin is how wobbly it is. The steel pool was SOLID. This resin pool? I shake the entire side with one hand by barely movingly an upright. I asked the Pool Factory about this and they said that’s...
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    Soon after install. Water filling up with shopvac attached to the return jet hole.
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    Tired, frustrated and ready to quit, I did what any self-respecting man does in this situation…. I called a pool installation company 😂 They installed it in no time.
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    That mistake being: 1) It’s difficult to install a pool with less than 3 people (4 would be better), because you’re trying to put the wall into the track, keep it in the track, and keep moving, while also trying to keep what you already put into the track from falling over because there is...
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    The resin wall is significantly lighter than the steel wall. I don’t know the exact poundage lighter, but it is noticeably lighter when you lift it. And this is where I made my 2nd mistake.
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    Got the sand smoothed out, laid down the new track, and that’s when I realized my first mistake. It’s so obvious but I simply didn’t see it coming. I assumed that the uprights for my old pool and new pool, being the same 21ft diameter, would be in the same location. They werent. So I had to...
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    Saltwater Aurora above ground build thread

    This happened a few months ago but I figure better late never! Purchased from: The Pool Factory Model: Saltwater Aurora Material: 100% Resin (except for the stainless steel screws/plate) Size: 21 ft I’ll start with tearing out the old pool. It was pretty solid and lasted over 15 years but rust...
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    Solaxx Retro RJ SWG way-too-early-review

    “Maybe less because Buffalo” 😂 Great advice by both you and Cowboycasey. Thank you both!
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    Solaxx Retro RJ SWG way-too-early-review

    Thank you for the advice! I will do that. I am brand new to SWG and did not expect it to skyrocket the FC like that. I didn’t think SWG’s were supposed to be able to do that. Edit; Your link looks exactly like mine. Guess they sell it under 2 different names?
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    Solaxx Retro RJ SWG way-too-early-review

    When I purchased this SWG, there were very few reviews online. So I wanted to give my review, even if it’s a bit too early. I installed this on a 21 foot above ground pool. The cell screws right into the pools jet return. The manual specifically states that if it is placed anywhere else, the...