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    Normal opening except something sandy in the pool

    Mknauss: Smart! I knew there was a reason I hang around here. I'll try that. My fear is that it's my plaster somehow going back to Earth... But I think it's just sand.
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    Normal opening except something sandy in the pool

    Happy spring, everyone! This is my 5th time opening my pool. It's usually pretty predictable. We get some organics that get past the mesh cover over the winter, so the water is a little cloudy, but it was still 53 degrees, and a couple days of running the filter and it's nearly crystal clear...
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    Dolphin Active 20 cord issue

    Ok, so I'm sorry if this is ridiculous, but when you untangle the cord, do you actually twist the cord between your fingers and untwist the twists? If you just stretch it out, your not actually getting rid of the twists.
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    PH continually creeps up

    Creeping pH is a fact of life for many of us. Stock up on MA and go swimming in that beautiful pool!
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    I messed up. I used flocc. Now what?

    Wow - that water cost is painful. Take a close look at your bill. Water is often billed per 1,000 gallons. Make sure you've got the math right. Sorry for what you're going through. There are lots of smart people and some great resources around here to help get you straightened out.
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    Finding strange things in the pool

    Ducks. Always pairs of ducks. And my dog is too old to chase them away.
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    Smart Switches are Awesome

    I use wifi relays to control my vs pump, valve actuators, heater, and spa pumps (via a contactor) makes for easy, inexpensive automation.
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    Aqualumin 3 LED upgrade

    +1. I just bought Pool Tone LEDs from SunSeeker to replace my old Amerlites. It's only been a week but so far, I love them.
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    Ph 8.2 & TA 200

    I was so excited when I opened and my rain and snow-filled pool TA was 40. pH was SO easy to maintain. Then as soon as I had to add some of my 200 TA fill water, the party was over. I'll just live with the pH rise like I always have.
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    Pool pump motor replacement

    A little more info will help answer your question. Is the pump on a timer? When it turns off, does it trip the breaker? Is it a GFI breaker? How do you turn it back on? How do you know it doesn't prime if it only runs for a few seconds?
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    easy/quick test for FC and more "objective" test for CYA?

    Wow. Maybe I've got too much time on my hands, but the four minutes it takes to check fc and pH by titration every other day is not really a major imposition 😁
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    Pool Heater suggestions

    Raypacs are popular here, and with good reason. That said I'm happy after 4 years with my Hayward H400fdn. Parts are readily available and it's easy to work on. (I had to replace a heat exchanger and igniter because I'm a dope and didn't winterize it properly a couple of years back)
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    Question on deck jets at different elevations

    If these jets are acting as your pool returns, you'll probably see these issues. If you have additional returns under water, that will help the skimming process but not the pH rise.
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    Question on deck jets at different elevations

    I'm sure other, smarter people will chime in but I can think of two issues: The jets can play a significant role in the skimming process by steering debris to the skimmer. Your plan would likely disrupt that process. This is of greater importance in some pools than others. Second, if I...
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    *UPDATED* Is liquid stabilizer worth it?

    Just out of curiosity, why do you hate the sock method?
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    Just got a pool-having troubles

    First - how are you testing? If that's a pool store test, it's likely completely unreliable. Getting a good test kit is essential. Test Kits Compared Once you can test accurately, and if your numbers are still out of whack, check your fill water to see if that's the source of your problem. Post...
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    First time pool owner, ?s about startup and chemicals

    The fact the you think testing water is fun tells me you are going to be the perfect TFP-er. You will pretty quickly get to the point where your pool is pretty predictable and maintenance is a breeze. It really is that simple!
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    Should I put a drain valve on my cartridge filter tank?

    I did exactly that. My filter has a standard 1 1/2" plug so it was pretty easy to install a ball valve and 20' of pipe.
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    Amerlite replacement

    Figured I'd update this for posterity. I pulled the trigger on two of the Pool Tone lights and installed the first one yesterday. Build quality looks good. It's all SMD LEDs as opposed to the thru-hole mount BulbWizards LEDs I'm replacing. The Pool Tone is significantly brighter than the...
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    Flowvis has a digital model now!

    Wow, I'm kind of a pool geek, but, I mean, you guys actually get in the water sometimes, too, right? 😁
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    Pal even glow pool lights

    I should be getting my Florida Sun Seeker lights tomorrow. I'll post first impressions. I'm replacing two 15 year old Amerlites that have leaked enough to corrode the lamp bases. To me, the sealed, fully potted design seems much more reliable. Still pretty pricey, but less than the Intellibrites.
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    Speed to skim

    Definitely close down that main drain. I think that will make a big difference. Your skimmer isn't missing the weir door, is it?
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    Reconnecting a pool light; does polarity matter?

    Are you sure it's DC and not AC? That would be unusual. Polarity won't matter with AC. It shouldn't matter with DC, but without some details I wouldn't want to commit to that.
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    Good Inexpensive replacement for Pentair Amerlite

    I posted right after you to see if anyone had experience with these: PoolTone 16 Color LED Pool Light 12 or 120 Volts SS Rim 15 - 150 FT (11 inch diameter) I think I might give them a go. I like that it's a sealed, all-in-one unit with no gaskets to worry about.
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    Amerlite replacement

    I'm looking for a replacement for my aging Amerlites. Anyone have any experience with these? PoolTone 16 Color LED Pool Light 12 or 120 Volts SS Rim 15 - 150 FT (11 inch diameter)
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    Pollen or Algae

    I get a ton of organics in my pool and I agree with Texas Splash. I sometimes get a hint of cloudy water when my SWG falls a bit short. I boost to about 13-15 ppm with LC for a day or two. Clears it right up. This might happen twice a year and the rest of the year the water sparkles.
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    Another Bonding Question

    Almost exactly the same situation here. I'm interested to see replies.
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    What to do? Mud..

    You're on the right track. Just takes time. Hang in there!
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    My pool won't hold ANY chemicals! NONE! HELP!

    Switching to SWG was the best pool choice of my life. I would suggest, though, that you get a really firm handle on all the chemistry before you go SWG. You'll end up testing less frequently so you need to be confident in the overall chemistry of your pool.