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    Solar Plumbing Leak Repair Help

    Thanks so much. It looks like it could be, but I haven't removed the clamp to see what the piece looks like inside. The website you linked to looks like a good resource for these parts. Turns out for unrelated reasons it looks like I need to have my roof replaced in the very near future so I...
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    Solar Plumbing Leak Repair Help

    Thanks for the response. Yeah unfortunately it is the reducer. When the system first comes on and the air is purging out of the system I can see bubbles coming out of where it is leaking. The white stuff on the breaker is from the thread paste they used instead of Teflon tape when they...
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    Solar Plumbing Leak Repair Help

    I have a smallish leak where my vacuum breaker screws in. Initially I thought it was just leaking past the threads but finally realized that the reducer where the breaker screws in is cracked. The reducer also appears to be glued into the elbow. How do I go about fixing this? I could cut out...
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    New Waterfall In the Front Yard...

    With aeration and evaporation scale is going to be the biggest issue. I might consider just using 1" spa tablets as they will help keep the pH down you won't have to manually add chlorine and acid as often. Change out the water monthly to keep the CH and CYA in check. The only concern with...
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    EasyTouch adds 10 minute shutoff delay

    I experienced the same thing when I had the cooldown setting enabled and ended up disabling it. I noticed it when I manually turned on the pool circuit briefly to check out some equipment and then it wouldn't turn off. It took me a while to notice the DEL on the screen. I have solar as well...
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    Stainless Steel Pool Light Ring Corrosion in a Salt-Water Pool

    Could there be galvanic corrosion going on due to dissimilar metals?
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    SLAM Criteria Disagreement

    I've been here a while and don't post often, but have to say this is one of the friendliest, informative, and well run forums on the internet. This is a testament to all the time volunteered by the moderators and experts who help both new and seasoned pool owners. Forums like this only die...
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    Infrared Perimeter Alarms

    Yes, wholeheartedly agree hence my recommendation for a permanent solution. Thanks for being more explicit on the dangers
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    Infrared Perimeter Alarms

    At our current house we have an autocover. We got it both for safety (have a 4 and 8 year old) and heat retention. The cover itself and the tracks are not the prettiest thing to look at especially compared to a pool full of water, but we made that compromise. I don't think the cover box on...
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    Solar and filter pump relationship

    I am not an expert, but will reply to give the thread a bump. This is setup is not typical in the US at least in my experience. To address your main concern of water back flowing through your filter plumbing, you need to install a check valve in you filter plumbing. Since both pumps share the...
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    Pentair VS Watts Mystery Not Equal to Volts x Amps Why?

    Depends on the meter. Our's is a smart meter and the display cycles through various parameters. One parameter is the instantaneous power draw shown down to a 10W resolution. If you have too rely on the power "odometer" it might not be accurate enough for a short term measurement. Our's only...
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    Pentair VS Watts Mystery Not Equal to Volts x Amps Why?

    Instead of buying an expensive meter turn off all your breakers to your house except the pool pump then use your utility meter to measure the power.
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    Looking for pictures of benches for pool cover

    Do you mean something like this:
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    Can heater call for circulation pump?

    Regarding (1), there are probably a couple of issues here. I'm not familiar with the VUE, but did some googling and apparently the VUE does not measure the actual voltage. It assumes the loads are 120V and thus miscalculates the power draw by 2x for 240V loads. Also, it can only measure...
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    Need help to program a cool down time for my Master Temp pool heater

    I was looking through the Easytouch manual over the weekend because I was seeing some unexpected issues with the delay feature. It noted that Pentair heaters do not require a cool down period. Obviously doesn't hurt to have on but Pentair apparently doesn't think it's required.
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    Pool return direction

    Your water likely had the same cloudiness throughout the pool. It's just more obvious in the deep end because you are looking through a larger column of water.
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    Can heater call for circulation pump?

    Also the heater (or the automation) won't be able to tell the temperature of the pool without the pump on circulating water. At least with the automation you can run the pump at the absolute lowest RPM and automatically increase to a higher RPM when the heater is running.
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    Problems with Stonescape resurfacing

    I would still contact NPT. While they are not going to warranty against the PB workmanship, they can as experts verify that the install was not done to their standards/procedures and exert pressure on the PB to remedy the situation. NPT certainly has an interest in not having a PB install...
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    No heater bypass with Pebbletec

    The issue is the hot water in the heater has a higher CSI than the pool water and can cause scale to form within the heater itself. This is largely a problem during plaster cure when the pool water is already typically in positive CSI territory and can fluctuate relatively rapidly. You should...
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    Like a check valve

    Google "hose bib vacuum breaker" and I think you'll find what you are looking for. We had to add these to all our house bibs when we had our house replumbed to pass inspection.
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    1950s Pool - To replumb or not?

    Yes the bucket test is the definitive way to do it. In our case we have a pool cover which should make the water loss to evaporation minimal and our leak was rather large so it was obvious.
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    1950s Pool - To replumb or not?

    Although our pool is not quite that old it did have copper plumbing. When we redid it this spring we opted to have all the plumbing redone. We did have a leak so that helped the decision. We did abandon the main drain and added split suction on the wall in it's place. All in all they ended...
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    Question about pebble replastering

    When we had our pool remodeled earlier this year the new light was wired up but sitting on the pool deck during the plaster. It was installed in the niche after the plaster was done and after the acid wash the following morning. The plaster contractor will be walking on the plaster during the...
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    Glue broken pool jet back onto return valve while water is above it

    Someone on TFP recommended Plast-Aid to me for a similar issue.
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    Do I need a pump on an Auto Cover in summer?

    If you get rain in the summer then yes you need a pump. Otherwise the rain water will collect on top of the cover and could damage your cover if a renter tries to open it with the water on top. It also poses a drowning risk to small children.
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    Auto Cover Questions/Issues

    Thanks for the reply. The cover installer came out and greased the two "brakes" with lithium grease to stop the squeaking. They adjusted the clutch to keep it from hanging up during opening. They are going to replace the cables too but will have to come back for that.
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    Pool drain in deep end is cracked and sinking in and I'm freaking out! FIXED!

    Based on the plumbing labeling in the picture it looks like the main drain is plumbed with the 2nd skimmer so turning that valve will shut off that skimmer.
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    System shutting down

    Is it shutting down when the spa reaches your set temperature? I had this happen when I didn't have a pump speed set for spa mode but did have a pump speed for heater. The pump would run fine as long as there was demand for heat but would shut down once the heater turned off.