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    AquaRite salt cell connector cleaning

    The connector on my AquaRite T15 salt cell to the AquaRite controller has connection issues, looks like some corrosion inside the connector. What's the best way to clean inside to make sure it makes contact? As long as I press the connector in and get it making contact the SWG system works...
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    Timer connected to Intellicenter

    Moved from here. Is there a way to hook up a normal spa timer (Intermatic) that just closes contacts while the timer is operating and opens the contact when the time expires to the IntelliCenter, perhaps using the iS4 interface? The iS4 is momentary so I suspect this would not work. Are there...
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    Replace Aquarite controller

    Moved from here. If you have an existing AquaRite system with T15 cell, is it possible to just replace the control unit and leave the existing salt cell in place (it is new)?
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    Main drain - temporary plug?

    We bought a house two years ago with a 16k gallon pool. There was a SP1082GV main drain balancing butterfly valve since the main drain and skimmer are in series, but it was pretty old and broken and not screwed in place. The main drain port underneath had a plug inserted (pushed) in and I have...
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    Pool House Electrical

    With some free time on my hands, I'm finally getting to rewire my pool house and finish setting up all the automation. I had purchased everything last year, but just didn't have time to complete before the weather got back last year. I thought this diagram might be helpful for others, and I...
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    Intermatic Multiwave PE653rc + AquaRite swg

    Moved from here... Intermatic Multiwave PE653rc + AquaRite goldline swg It's been a few years since this question was posed. Does anyone know if Intermatic has documented the RS485 loop with the AquaRite via the PE635RC? On the AquaRite: GREEN = Ground YELLOW = -DT BLACK = +DT RED = +15...
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    Pool house - to insulate or not?

    I have a small pool house/shed, 8 x 6 feet (7 feet high) with all my equipment, electronic controls, etc. Is it worth insulating the walls of the shed to protect everything inside during minor periods of freezing? I am in climate zone 4, marine and it doesn't often get below freezing except...
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    Adding heat pump away from the pool pad?

    I'm about to replumb my pool house (next to the pool) and was planning on adding an AquaCal SQ150 heat pump behind the pool house, but as I thought about it, it seemed to be quite loud where I'm trying to relax ;) My second thought is to move just the heat pump behind the garage. Besides not...
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    US AirWater Patriot pool heat pumps?

    I'm researching supplementing my Jandy Lite2 propane heater with a heat pump on my 16k-18k IG pool. Does anyone have any experience with US AirWater brand Patriot pool heat pumps? US Air Water | Pool Heat Pumps Suppliers There ability to work at...
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    1.5" to 2"? Upgrading plumbing but existing return/MD/skimmer is 1.5"

    I am about to swap out all the plumbing in our pool house as we are switching to 3-way valves, a new Intelliflo VS pump, and adding a SWC system. The existing return pipe and pipe to the skimmer (which then has a pipe to MD) are all 1.5", but there is 2" between our existing Jandy heater and...
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    SWG plumbing diagram — pool and spa

    I modified one of the frequently posted diagrams to add a AquaRite T-15 SWG unit/cell and flow meter. I added a anode into the diagram, but I'm debating whether to skip this. My pool setup feeds a 12k gallon San Juan pool and a San Juan hot tub. Only one pump. Along with installing the SWG, I am...