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    Pentair intelliflo vs

    Hi guys have a pentagram intelliflow vs that was whining the other day and I didn’t get a chance to look at it and of course today I went out a found an error that said overload. Last year I replaced the electronic module. Did the motor seize maybe seize? Replace the whole pump or is it easy to...
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    Stamped concrete

    Have a stamped concrete deck that is about 8 years old. Some parts seem to be fading a bit. I wanted to restain it but I’m not sure what product to use. I’m usually a diy’er so thinking I could tackle it. Any suggestions on approach or product to use ?
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    Dolphin Nautilus Stopped working

    Wondering if my motor somehow seized or if its something else I can't figure out. I tried testing it with multi meter and disconnected the cord from the motor and was receiving ~28V which is what I read is expected. Didn't smell like anything was shorted. anything else to check? its about 5...
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    Run time and best practice for IC60

    hi guys, just got a new IC60 after my last one failed after only 3 seasons in the northeast. i was mostly running at 40% for about 12hours/day at 1700 rpm's with my intelliflow VS and i cleaned it typically 1x during season and 1x at end. Probably too much from what i have reading on the...
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS no power?

    hi guys, Need some help please!?? just got back from a work trip yesterday and found my pump display was off. I checked the obvious plug and breakers and everything seemed fine. Is there a fuse on the pump itself or what is the best way to troubleshoot? My next step was going to make sure I...
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    IG hottub stamped concrete

    Just had our hottub installed and had stamped concrete done as the deck to match the pool. The concrete coloring got into the hot tub water. Is there anything that I can use to get it out or do I have to drain it and clean it out? It’s not a great picture but all I have now
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    Bromide reserve

    Is there a way to test how much bromide reserve is in the water? I accidentally added 2x as much as what was called for. Is this dangerous and or how do I fix this? Is a drain and refill required?
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    New spa fill bromide

    i have a 525 gallon in ground spa separate from my IG pool. I added 2 oz of bromide to start and when i tested it had a zero reading. Do i have some kind of bacteria? I added a 2 more oz tested again after 15 minutes and still no Br reading. what is my next step?
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    Immerspa- built in spa

    Looking for suggestions or recommendations regarding this company or a similar one. I found them online when researching but they are a Canadian company and I can’t find many reviews around. I am looking to put an in ground spa in that’s big enough for my family and friends to enjoy. I don’t...
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    So after reading through a bunch of posts i still have a few questions regarding closing the pool. This will be my first time doing it and everything seems pretty straight forward but still have a few questions. 1. When draining the pool, i have 2 skimmers and a main drain. Can put the sand...
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    Concrete Sealer

    Looking for a recommendation on a concrete sealer for my stamped concrete pool? Tried searching to forum but haven't seen any newer threads... thanks in advance Mike
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    2nd season- balanced when opened not low PH

    hi- first this site has been great for me learning how to have a trouble free pool and saving money so thanks to everyone for that. i just opened the pool 2 weeks ago seemed to get everything lined up pretty well. The TA was a little high at around 95ish. I checked the pool again yesterday...
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    1st test results help!

    First time pool owner. Just got my tf-100 today and just finished testing. Performed each test at least twice to make sure I got same results. So here they are. Currently pool is pretty clear but deep end seems a tiny bit hazy. I shocked the pool last Saturday with 6 gallons of shock 12.5%. I...
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    Pentair Intelliflow VS 3HP

    FIrst time pool owner. Installed a pentair IC60 on saturday. My question is what is the most efficient speed for this pump and is there a calculation to determine how much chlorine output i should have the SWG on or is it trial by fire? Once i get the pool balanced i am going to attempt to...
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    1st time Pool Owner

    Hello from Boston! Found this forum when serarching my numerous questions via google searches. Led me back to the sameplace everytime so herei am. Trying to get my pool up and running this week. Waiting for my test kit to come in so i can see where i stand. Thanks for all teh great advice Mike
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    Anything that i can do now?

    Let me start by saying i have learned a ton of info here in less than a week of owning my first pool. I knew nothing before last week and feel pretty well equipped now to get started. So i went to the pool store and converted to a SWCG(pentair IC60) and had to SLAM to remove the algae. They...