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  1. JPMorgan

    Lower pH or leave alone?

    I will close my pool on Sunday for the season. Recent tests show all levels within appropriate ranges. With pH of 7.8 and water temp of 55, I get a CSI of -.17. As water temp drops, Pool Math shows that CSI also drops. If I lower pH to 7.6, CSI drops even more. Should I just leave the pH...
  2. JPMorgan

    Safety Cover Recommendation

    Looking for a new Meyco Saftey Cover for a 25' x 50' pool. What should I expect to pay for just the cover? Any thoughts on solid vs. mesh covers.... pros and cons? I'm assuming a solid cover would keep the pool cleaner, but would have to continuously pump water off of the cover, whereas mesh...
  3. JPMorgan

    Safe to Swim?

    If there is a chlorine residual in the pool (and little combined chlorine.... less than .5) is it safe to be in the water if algae is present in the pool? I know the algae should be addressed by SLAMming, brushing, vacuuming, etc. Just wondering if people should stay out of a pool where some...
  4. JPMorgan

    pH at Closing

    Will be closing in a week or two. Noticed that pH has been rising lately… currently around 8. However, I also noticed that as water temp drops the Pool Math calculation for CSI also goes down. So… should I just leave pH at the current level and not adjust? CSI currently at .17 with pH at 8 and...
  5. JPMorgan

    How to Maintain a Bromine Pool

    Can anyone give me the "skinny" on maintaining proper water chemistry with bromine? I am starting to help with an indoor condo pool that uses bromine and have never mainatined a bromine pool. What are the bromine levels I want to maintain? Do I do all the same tests that I would do on a...
  6. JPMorgan

    Pool Cleaner Recommendation

    Starting to help- out with a condo pool and suggested they use a robotic cleaner instead of manual vacuuming done by pool company. Pool is 60,000 gallon rectangular pool. I was given a catalog by the pool company that maintains the pool. There is a Dolphin cleaner in the catalog named Wave80...
  7. JPMorgan

    Maintaining and Indoor Pool

    Could someone send a link or direct me to information on the basics of maintaining an indoor pool with bromine. What are similarities and differences vs. maintaining an outdoor pool with chlorine? What kind of test kit is recommended, etc. etc. Thanks.
  8. JPMorgan

    Water Chemistry Help

    I'm moving into an Association and offered to help with the day to day maintenance of the pool (not the big stuff). As a first step I took a water sample today and got the following readings: FC 10.5 CC 0 CYA > 100 (Yikes) pH 7.0 (also yikes) TA 70 CH 160 CSI -1.05 As expected, the pool...
  9. JPMorgan

    Suddenly Seeing Sediment

    Haven't noticed this in my pool until recently. There is a fine sediment that I see gathering in the bottom of the pool. Apparently it is getting through the automatic cleaner and the sand filter. This looks a little like what you get when you use a floc in your pool, but not quite as bad...
  10. JPMorgan


    I am interested in learning more about becoming a Certified Pool Operator and have some questions. Who offers the best training.... either classroom or online? I found one company through an online search, Pool Operation Management. Is this a reputable company? Do they offer the best...
  11. JPMorgan

    Conversion Costs/ Potential Benefits

    What should I expect to pay to convert my 20,000 gal pool to salt water? I painted my pool this year with epoxy paint and usually get 4-5 years before it needs to be redone. Should I expect any longer life on the paint job if I install a salt water generator? Thanks.
  12. JPMorgan

    Pool Math Online Calculator vs Pool Math App

    I noticed there is a slight difference in calculating CSI values when I use the online Pool Math calculator as compared to the Pool Math App. If I enter the same readings, they produce a .08 difference in CSI (.05 vs. -.03). Why is there a difference and which is the more accurate? Thanks.
  13. JPMorgan


    Currently, my TA is on the high side at 110, but my CH is on the low side at 250. Along with my other readings (pH @ 7.6, CYA @ 40) my CSI is at -.02 (with water temperature of 65 F). How important is it for me to bring my TA and CH into the ideal range if my CSI is good? If I lower my TA to...
  14. JPMorgan

    20 lbs. of Calcium Chloride in 1 day?

    I'm opening today and need to get my CH from about 120 to 250 (minimum recommended according to Pool Math). I picked up a 20 bag of Qik Joe at Ace which should do the trick. Can I add this all in one day?
  15. JPMorgan

    Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Last year I tried a Dolphin S200 Demo and loved it. I promised myself to get one this season, but I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere this year. First question: Anyone know where I can buy the S200? Next question: I found the cleaners that look similar below... Dolphin Proteus DX4 -...
  16. JPMorgan

    Pentair Superflo VS 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pump

    I'm looking to invest in a more efficient, variable speed pool pump and looking for recommendations. From my research the Pentair Superflo VS 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pump seems like a good option. Any thoughts about this particular pump? I am looking for a pump that will: be more efficient be...
  17. JPMorgan

    Chlorine Date Decoder

    Bought some Liquid Chlorine at Ace today. They are selling gallons of 12.5% sodium hypochlorite for $2.99.... pretty good price! Can anyone decode the date on the carton for me (see photo). I'm guessing that the date is that number on the right near the bottom of the carton, which reads...
  18. JPMorgan

    Pool Painting

    I know TFP does not look kindly on painting pools, but it has worked pretty well for me in the past and I expect this will be my last paint job before we leave our home in a year or so. Last paint job was about 6 years ago and I have a couple of questions for anyone familiar with/ experienced...
  19. JPMorgan


    When opening my pool in the future I have decided to just replace and lube all drain plug o-rings. Was wondering how important it is to get the specific o-ring listed in the parts manual or if I could just go to the hardware store and get an o-ring that is similar in size and fits the drain...
  20. JPMorgan

    Main Drain Air Lock

    I'm looking for advice from someone with experience doing an air lock on the main drain. I am doing this when I close this year. My pool has the main drain line coming from the bottom of the pool into the skimmer. I installed the proper plug in the skimmer and then let the compressor rise to...
  21. JPMorgan

    How much Algecide 60?

    In the past few years I have generally closed my pool by raising FC to shock level and then covering the pool while the FC is still quite high. I have a bottle of Algecide 60 I ordered some time ago and would like to use it up. Would like a recommendation on how much A60 to add and what the...
  22. JPMorgan


    When my deck was redone several years ago, the contractor who poured the deck left a piece of plastic that sits at the top of my tile. This was part of the form to pour the concrete. In most area of the pool it looks good and provides a clean line between the deck and the pool tile. However...
  23. JPMorgan

    Qik Joe Ice Melt

    I was able to find some Qik Joe Ice Melt in the basement of an Ace hardware. Good price.... $21.99 for 50 lbs. I looked for active ingredients on the package and didn't see the percentage of calcium chloride anywhere on the bag. However, it does say "Calcium, Chloride Pellets" on the front of...
  24. JPMorgan

    Feces in Pool

    Just finished a day in the pool with lots of kids and noticed a small amount of fecal matter in the bottom of the pool at the end of the day. I tried to get it out, but it kind of broke apart as i tried to remove it. I have the pool cleaner running in the pool now and FC is at 5 ppm. Should I...
  25. JPMorgan

    New Suction Line Cost

    My pump and filter are sucking a lot of air. I have tried all the DIY fixes at the pump and the lines above ground and have been unable to fix the problem. (Even had a pool company out to check it and they could not find an air leak above ground.) Next step is for pressure test/ leak...
  26. JPMorgan

    Air Leak Detection

    I tried going back to a previous post I started to do an update, but I can't get to it because of current site issues. Quick summary.... I started the season with a little air in my pump and filter. Sought guidance here and have done the following with no success so far: changed pump lid and...
  27. JPMorgan

    Air in filter

    I am getting air in my filter and not sure where it's coming from. It is a fairly small amount. Usually clears when I open the bleeder valve in about 5-10 seconds. Then, I close the bleeder valve and air starts building up in the filter again. I do also have a little air in the pump lid, but...
  28. JPMorgan

    Help with Air Leak

    I am seeing a little air in my pump basket and also in the filter. Not terrible, but enough to annoy me. I assume this is coming from the same source. I ran some water over the pump while it was running recently and it seemed to eliminate the air leak for a short while, so I changed the...
  29. JPMorgan

    Blueriiot Smart Water Analyzer?

    Polaris is offering the Blueriiot Smart Water Analyzer with a purchase of the 9650iQ Sport robotic cleaner. Since it looks like I may need a new cleaner this year (my P825 is giving me trouble) I was wondering if anyone has tried this water analyzer and if it is any good. The description given...
  30. JPMorgan

    Leslie's Digital Water Chemistry

    I was at Leslie's yesterday and took a sample of water to be tested to compare to my own test results. The store I go to had a new digital water tester. In about a minute they gave me precise results, i.e., CYA=28, CH=208 vs. the "rough" results I get with my tests. I had calculated my CYA to...