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    Water evaporation

    So, we’ve had an unusually long stretch of heat and dry weather up in Oklahoma. I know it’s summer and all but I’ve got a few questions. Is it normal for a pool to evaporate quite a bit during a dry hot stretch. I’ve had to fill my pool several times in the last few weeks to the drain line...
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    Air bubbles in closest two return lines

    I’ll post some pics but how would swcg effect it? I’m assuming air is coming from suction side, not discharge side.
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    Air bubbles in closest two return lines

    Yes. There is air and turbulent bubbles. Not like the streaming flow I’m used to that looks like there’s no water when it’s running good. yes air comes out of pressure gauge but no the bubbles don’t dissipate
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    Air bubbles in closest two return lines

    I’ve got air bubbles, a lot, coming out of my two closest return lines and a small amount of air bubbles coming out of my spa return lines. I’ve checked everything. Skimmer basket doesn’t have any visible cracks. Checked Strainer Basket looks fine, replaced gasket, unions connecting pump to...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Here’s a few pics of some tile line and plaster that popped off also, top of the skimmer. Doesn’t seem cracked so not sure if this is just the rim around the the top of the skimmer or not. thoughts?
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Well finally thawed out here in Oklahoma as well. Took my pool forever to melt all the ice. Water level seems to have held last two nights right at tile line. Definitely lost a bit of plaster in spots. Shoudl i be concerned? Or is just spalling? Deepest one seems to be about 1/2 deep. havent...
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    Plaster chunks

    Well, now that ice is thawing I’m noticing pieces of plaster and a few spots where it looks like chunks. About 3 to 5 inches long by 2 to 3 inches wide and looks to be 1/2 to 1/4 deep on a tile line. Also noticed a decent chunk on top step just below sunning deck. Sunning deck basically entirely...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Starting to thaw out in Oklahoma. Gonna wait a week or so before I put plugs back in and fire things up. How do I know if any pipes busted? Will water drain quickly? Could it be multiple ones? Can it be fixed without busting up my entire deck? I read about pressure testing each line so I’m sure...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Will do. Pentair mastertemp 400
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Yeah. Sorry. It’s a pentair. I know that. Not sure of the model. 250K BTU I believe.
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Question about my heater. At this point what’s done is done and won’t know until everything melts and thaws. while I removed my plugs a hair late. The water started freezing so fast in the pump and heater not much drained out. But I also read somewhere to turn off gas to the heater. I turned of...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    This is my concern too. Lost power and after getting my generator going went to drain equipment and water was already slushing up/freezing Guess we won’t know for a week
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Quick question: do I need to turn the gas supply to heater off? And why?
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Thank you all for the replies to questions. Now that my plugs are pulled albeit not much drained out when I did do I just leave them unplugged until the temperature gets back above freezing which could be a week? and will my pipes freeze? My skimmer has a couple of antifreeze bottles so I think...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    Thanks for the response. I hope i caught it time. I had to get my generator going before I got to the pool. The pump plugs didn’t drain much at all however the water level in the basket was below the return. The filter did drain out but the threads are frozen. Going to be tough to get the cap...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    What if it’s a while before power is back on and everything starts to freeze more. Shoudl I just ride it out until weather warms up then put all the plugs back in? Right now the filter drain plug at the bottom the grooves are frozen from when I drained and getting the screw in plug Would be...
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    Few days of below freezing temp. What to do?

    So we lost power in Edmond, OK. I’ve removed the plugs from the pump (2), the filter and drained it out and the heater. Should I leave them unplugged until we get power back and try to start pump afterward??
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    PVC question

    Ok. Thanks. Guess I’ll just have to looses the pvc pipe and clean it and reglue it. Not sure why the pvc coming out of the check valve lifts or moves other than the glue losing bond
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    PVC question

    Yep. That’s what it is. However I did dig deeper and what I found is when the valve rotates from pool to spa the pipe that has the check valve literally moves up from a connected 2” coupling and that’s where the leak is. It’s like it pressures up and causes the pipe to lift up. And possibly the...