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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    Looks awesome! Congrats!
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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    I have some of the white stuff now that you mentioned it. I'll ask the guy that's been here doing my plumbing when he gets here. He's very knowledgeable about pools.
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    Help! New pool issues

    I'm in Tampa also and can attest to how slow it is. Pool was dug in May and currently I have a shell with coping and waterline tile. The plumber is supposed to come tomorrow but he's literally told me "tomorrow" about 5 times now over the past 2 weeks. I suspect it's similar for most PB's bcuz...
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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    I'm honestly starting to get nervous. I was right behind you and then literally no movement since the waterline tile and coping 2 mos ago. I keep telling myself to be thankful they are answering the phone and are apologetic...
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    States with the largest amount of new builds

    Just from my observations on this forum it seems like they also cost alot more in TX than here in Fla. Supply and demand I guess.
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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    I hear ya on the frustration. I thought we were moving along and getting close, but realize we have a long ways to go. We were told we were next in line for plumbing about 6 weeks ago. We check edin every week and kept getting the "next week" response. We were finally told uts going to be...
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    Keeping the pool shell clean while under construction

    Our water table is high so I would need to have a sump pump in there constantly
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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    I checked my pictures and they used Amerimix Type M mortar. For what it's worth, I read the product brochure and installation instructions and couldn't find any mention of whether it was suitable or not for submersion or pools.
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    Tampa Pool Build (w/ Photos) - Tile & Coping Completed (07/16)

    You're a bit ahead of me. My coping and tile were done a month or two ago and awaiting plumbing and electrical now. It was slated for 2 weeks ago but of course they pulled the "rain" card when we asked what's going on last week. So much for a labor day pool party.
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    New member- Finalizing PB for new pool & spa in Tampa, FL

    Welcome from another Tampa pool build in progress... I really like your design with the 2 level tanning ledge and the seating area table. Don't remember seeing that before. My pb originally proposed a depth of 3ft-5.5ft but we changed it to 3.5-5.5ft. We decided to add on auto drain and auto...
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    Bubblers and loungers

    I'm curious because I have a couple decks coming in my new you have any controls to adjust how high they shoot or how smooth the water comes out?
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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    Glad to hear he's going to take care of it with no B.S. or pushback! Hopefully I'll be getting my travertine decking installed this month so I'll do my best to keep an eye out while they work. I knew we are getting the French pattern but I hadn't really given it much thought before your thread...
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    New build in Tampa - coping and tile complete

    The coping and waterline tile were done about a month ago. Currently awaiting plumbing and electrical. We were told tentatively end of last week but that didn't happen so fingers crossed they come tomorrow.
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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    I have travertine and so i may end up with this same scenario. I just did some deep Google image searching and found quite a few examples where there is a strong contrast in color between the coping and decking, I dont think it looks bad and would probably not notice it wasn't supposed to be...
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    What is travertine coping process when remodeling 9 inch coping?

    I wouldn't think it's unrealistic to cut every piece. We had 6x12 travertine as the coping on our new build. Not the exact scenario as you but back wall was just over 12 inches wide so the 12 inch pieces weren't quite long enough. They ended up cutting with a tile wet saw every single piece of...
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    First pool Tampa area - wall suction question

    Looks like you're still a couple steps ahead of me. I'm told I should have plumbing and electrical done towards the end of the week, then inspection and on to decking. Are the footers just for the paver decking or are you getting a cage? I'm wondering if that's how they will do mine(no cage).
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    New Build - Question on pool wall construction

    I just had my coping completed with travertine and had a similar concern that the back wall was to thick for a 6x12 travertine tile to cover it with an overhang on both sides. I was watching them closely and they took it upon themselves to cut 2 pieces(basically run 2 courses) to span the wall...
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    Pool Fence Advice

    If it were me I'd probably get quotes from a couple more pool contractors. You may get some other perspectives and worse case you'd feel more confident that extra money really needs to be spent.
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    Coconut palm trees by pool

    That's a fair point. Most of the trees will be a decent distance away but with any wind there will be no stopping it. I need to research what droppings come from coconut trees. I'm not that worried about hurricanes - any winds that strong will probably put my house 10 feet underwater anyways.
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    Coconut palm trees by pool

    To help with the anticipation while our pool is being built, we decided to visit a couple nurseries "just to look". Well, we went home the owners of 4 palms that are big enough that require a bobcat to install lol. Anyways, one of them is a coconut palm which I've really been wanting. I'm...
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    Cheap door alarms to get thru inspection

    Ok thanks for the heads up. I'll do some research.
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    Cheap door alarms to get thru inspection

    Thanks! That's the price point I was looking for
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    Cheap door alarms to get thru inspection

    I'm in Florida. Can anyone recommend some cheap sliding glass door alarms that would satisfy the code requirement to pass inspection? No small children so would be temporary. I would need 3 or 4 of them. Thanks
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    Dog paw marks in fresh gunite

    So cool!
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    Dog paw marks in fresh gunite

    Exactly! People pay alot of money for mosaic art like that!
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    Dog paw marks in fresh gunite

    Here you go! And the guilty party at the end.