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  1. Skiddy

    Pentair warranty support

    We have had our new build down here in FLA for about 8 months now. The heatpump has always made a knocking sound when the pump is on only. The faster the pump speed the louder the knock, but its never been that big of a deal. Until lately we just get annoyed with it on quiet pool days. I have...
  2. Skiddy

    Chlorine ppm climbing with no changes?

    I check my chemicals about once a week and some of the others maybe more and some a little less during normal use. Back in early July I had my first bit of algae and had to learn how to get rid of it, and finally did with some learning curves. For about 3 weeks now I have noticed my FC...
  3. Skiddy

    Can salt addition cause bad CH readings?

    My salt level dropped below suggested levels probably due to so much rain water dilution and draining so I added a couple bags to get back up to the 3000 ppm range. However I was doing a full water test today and while all other levels are spot on my CH is about 5x the recommended range? I...
  4. Skiddy

    A bit of CYA confusion

    So I have a decent grasp on my new pool equipment and the chemical balance has been pretty easy since I picked up the Test kit from this site. I had my first vacation return home stint with algae and was able to do a mini slam and get it back to normal without too much trouble and just chlorine...
  5. Skiddy

    Went on vacation came back to algae

    This was our first getaway since we had the pool built. I checked all the water levels before we left and all was perfect. We were gone for 9 days and from what I was told it rained every day we were gone. The pool was full over the skimmer for at least 7 days. It wasnt a green swamp but when I...
  6. Skiddy

    Pebble Sheen color fading, streaking and splotchy

    Its been about 6 months since pool build. We noticed our pebble sheen was streaking and changing after the first month. The pool guys said its normal and will go through a curing process. The pebble tec guy placed the hose in and made sure we filled from the deep end up to avoid any run marks...
  7. Skiddy

    Are these changes normal?

    New pool build here started up in Feb-March picked up the Taylor test kit from the site. Love it learned how to get the pool perfect with it. I still take a sample once a month to my local pool supply shop to keep my Pebble-tec warranty happy. So I normally run my SWG at 30-40% and that has...
  8. Skiddy

    Proper way to clean and flush filter?

    Can someone give me the proper way to clean and flush my cartridge filter. If you look at my sig you can see what equipment I am dealing with. I recently pulled the filter out and it was pretty bad. I spent a good 20 mins washing it down with my hose until the water ran clean. When I looked...
  9. Skiddy

    Can you recommend a cleaner for a new guy

    I only ask because I know nothing about cleaners. I brush the sides myself but hate the manual vacuum part. Just looking for a less expensive model for an inground pool with screen enclosure on pebblesheen. I know I dont get the leaves but I do get a lot of micro debris that falls through the...
  10. Skiddy

    Show me your light strings

    Hey folks this question is specifically for those who have a screened enclosure and have installed string lighting or bistro lights. My wife wants me to put up some string lights along the edge of the screen surrounding the perimeter of the pool. I was wondering how you all installed your...
  11. Skiddy

    Intelliconnect and pump overrides?

    Still learning this automation system but I came across the pump overides when I discovered the pump wasnt scheduled to be running yet it was. When I looked at my app under the pump it showed that none of my schedules were active, as it should but at the bottom it said in pump override. I dont...
  12. Skiddy

    Advice on run times SWG adjustment ta

    So things are looking good I have been taking as much advice from members as possible and learning a lot. What I have not asked yet is how long I should be running the pump and at what speeds. My chlorine is consistently high so I am wondering if I can either run my pump less or turn down the...
  13. Skiddy

    Help! Electrician caused my equipment to stop working and cant get it back up?

    So the pool was actually running great water chemistry was spot on, I had a great schedule going with the pump, heat pump, and SWG. I have a patio construction project going on and a few breakers had to be switched to GFI, says the county Inspector, so the contractors Electrician changed one...
  14. Skiddy

    New pool built so far so good

    I have a smaller Taylor test kit i have been using to help with Ph and F/C and I have been taking samples weekly to Pinch a Penny for analysis. I was told they will always have you buying something so I am aware, however their tests have been consistent with my own as far as Ph and F/C are...
  15. Skiddy

    Pool is complete Final payment Questions

    So we have a completed pool minus a couple spots in the super gutter where they forgot to seal the seam (they are coming out this week to fix.) I am writing my final check and I was curious if there are any things I should get in writing before I make the last payment? Someone told me to get...
  16. Skiddy

    Knocking sound from Heat pump new pool construction

    Just curious if anyone has an idea of what is causing the knocking sound in my Pentair HP. It knocks when the pump is running no matter if the heater is running or not. So im assuming its got more to do with water flow since the pump is directly related to the knock. Any suggestions?
  17. Skiddy

    Planning for new pool start up

    I am preparing for a brand new pool completion by March. I have the screen and the pebble tec to be installed this week. Its about time we as first time pool owners prepare for the care and maintenance of our new pool. I plan on taking care of the pool myself. I dont know much about pool...
  18. Skiddy

    Audio Video setup around pool patio

    I am fishing for some information and knowledge about outdoor speakers and video setups. I didnt see a dedicated section for this so I thought I would ask here. Im in the later stages or my pool patio build and am trying to decide how much and what kind of outdoor system I want. I plan to have...
  19. Skiddy

    Pentair product rebates?

    I was curious if anyone has taken advantage of the rebates on all the equipment Pentair is offering. I am using all of their equipment Pump, heater, ichlor as well as automation. I read its going on until the end of 2020. Did your pool builder help with this or are we pretty much on our own. I...
  20. Skiddy


    So we are getting closer towards the end of the build now and I was looking for info on how to use the Intelliconnect system. I am not sure what all I have control of so I would love to be able to educate myself some here. Any resources online to learn more? Thanks
  21. Skiddy

    Travertine vs concrete pavers

    For those that have had experience with both surfaces, whats your take on Travertine tile vs concrete pavers. Pros and Cons. I have heard that Travertine holds up good but requires maintenance?
  22. Skiddy

    Woke up and this was installed

    So the electricians finally made it out and installed all our equipment. However I dont see where the power connects to my house. I was under the impression they had to get into my breaker box to run a new power line. They never asked to see the breaker panel? Its a clean looking install but...
  23. Skiddy

    Operating equipment costs?

    Now that I am under construction of a new IGP I have a few friends paying close attention to my build and how smooth or rough the process goes. One question they all ask is how much is the electric bill going to increase each month? I simply have no idea. Does anyone know by looking at my...
  24. Skiddy

    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    We broke down and decided to build a pool with an outdoor kitchen and screen enclosure. We are in the St. Pete Clearwater florida area. Really blown away with the estimates we were given. I guess the days of the 25K pool are long gone. I was looking for a good resource to hone my lack of pool...