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    AutoPilot - Low Amps at times

    Hey all, Been a long time since I posted here, love the community, helped me so much many years ago. Have an Autopilot with a RC-52 ( PC-4 I think now ). Bought it 8 years ago and installed. Yesterday I get a message saying Check Cell, before yesterday, Volts and Amps were perfect...
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    Autopilot Digital Tri-Sensor Leaking.

    Opened up the pool, and fired up the pump. Seeing water leaking in small beads around the sensor. Is there a replacement seal? Something I can take apart and fix? Or do I need to order a new sensor. Thanks. Wanted to ask before taking it apart.
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    NJ Winter, lots of loose tile and coping

    Well the nightmare happened today when opening the pool. The NJ Winter and Long Freeze took a tole on the pool. I have lost tiles before, and just get new mortar and grout, and fix it up, This time the damage is way more extensive, and the Coping on top of the section is loose. I can pick it...
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    Broken Bottom Drains - Temp Fix Ideas

    SO we are having a party on Saturday, and the screws off both of the bottom drains are broken, so they need to be repaired - 10ft deep, and to deep for my belly to hold down and repair. SO... I was thinking..... Let me know if okay to do for temporary. Was thinking about putting...
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    Air in Pump Basket

    Have a Pentair Variable Speed Pump. At High Speeds I do not see any air in the basket. If I run at 1100-1500 RPM, I do see that there is Air in the Basket? Is this normal at lower speeds?
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    New SWG and Water Balance

    Good Evening all, FC: 9ppm ( due to shock ) PH: 7.5 TA - 90 CYA - 110 Salt - 4000ppm Borates 0 (until I put them in) Question, Below are the specs stated for TA and CYA. What are the effects if I leave the CYA at 110 with the SWG? The TA I can adjust by lowering the PH and Aerating, but...
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    Salt Levels High

    Good Afternoon All, Well I just opened the pool and added the salt to the pool after setting up SWG. According to the Pool Calcs I have tried, I have between 39-44,000 gallons of water. So I went safe for 40,000. Well I added in all the Salt yesterday, and I added in 25 (40lbs) bags of...
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    Automatic PH Solution

    Well I have the Autopilot SWG, and wish I paid attention that the Total Control Solution can't be integrated unless I buy the other Power Unit. So since I am not doing that. I want to have something that Monitors the PH Level and Injects the Muriatic Acid automatically. What are some of...
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    Loop Lock Cover Repair

    Afternoon all, Some of the Plastic on the underside of the LoopLock Cover is separating from the Black Out Cover. I want to sow this back together, has anyone ever done this? What is the Thread that is used? And Needle Size? Not sure if its all Canvas or Plastic.
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    Help - Plumbing Question and Jandy Valve

    Afternoon, In the middle of cutting out the old plumbing and re-installation. I cut out a old Hayward 3 Port Valve that is bad. I bought a new Jandy 3 Port Valve. Issue is, the old Hayward Sat between the 1.5" Plumbing. The new Jandy Valve is Wider and doesn't fit between. HELP...
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    AutoPilot Digital and Variable Speed Pentair Pump

    Hey Guys, Gotta say you have been getting me through this project, but each day its something else that comes across my mind. In the Process of Wiring and Plumbing everything together. How would I set the pump on Off time if using the Autopilot Digital? Would I set it as a Single Speed...
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    Plumbing Question for SWG

    You all have been a tremendous help, and I really appreciate it. My plumbing needs major adjusting to fit the manifold for the SWG (AutoPilot) I was thinking about rotating my filter, and creating a big U Shape for the plumbing back to the return line. Would this be an issue as long as I...
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    Valve Question

    Hey Guys, In the process of re-pluming my setup to get the SWG installed. All my pluming is connected with PVC Cement. Even to the Valves, so I need to cut all the plumbing out and redo. I have a Hayward 3port with 1 from the Skimmer, 1 from the Bottom Drain, then going into the pump...
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    Need new Pump

    Good Afternoon, I have a 1HP Hayward Superpump. The motor is shot. I have a 3cf Hayward Sand Filter, and have 1.5" plumbing I have a floor drain and main strainer I have 1 Return Line. I need to order a new pump today, and trying to see what Pump to get. Some say to do a 1.5HP and some...
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    Autopilot Digital RC-52 Setup

    Good Afternoon All, Just bought a Autopilot Digital System with the RC-52 Cell. Going to work on the Mounting install of the Power Supply this weekend. I want to find a good way of mounting it near the pool. I want to be able to protect it in some way! What are some of the ideas for...
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    Hayward SuperPump getting hot.

    Hello All. In the process of getting ready for pool opening, and my pump was running a bit hot last year, and now the coating is flaking off, and has hot spots as you can see. [attachment=0:2qa7bnnu]photo 2.JPG[/attachment:2qa7bnnu] In the process of also converting to a SWG setup. Need to...