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    Getting my numbers right

    I drained and refilled my pool due to the algae problem being way out of hand. Once the pool was filled back up my numbers were: TC-0 FC-0 PH-6.2 TA-120 CYA-0 I didn’t add any acid as my TA levels were in range and my PH was just a little low, figured that would raise with Aeration. I added...
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    Need help with opening pool

    Last summer was my first year as a pool owner. Thanks to this wonderful page, I was able to keep my pool sparkling all summer so I am hoping for some new advice to get me started for this season. So, I didn’t close the pool properly (pretty much once summer was over I never messed with it) I...
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    What size filter do I need?

    I have a 22x52 Coleman power steel pool. I am wanting to upgrade the flimsy pump it came with to one of the sand filters. What size do I need for my size pool?
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    Cartridge filter replacement

    I have a 22x52 Coleman power steel pool. My filter needs to be replaced but my problem is, nobody has them in stock and the ones that I can find online are EXTREMELY over priced. I’ve rinsed and cleaned it as much as I’ve could. It’s starting to crack at the top. Is there any other filters that...
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    Green water. Slam process?

    Great, thanks so much! Will check back if I have any more questions!
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    Green water. Slam process?

    I am going in the morning to get all of the chemicals. Which level should I adjust first? How long do I need to wait between adding chemicals?
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    Green water. Slam process?

    I want to make sure I have the process down. Get my CYA to 30ppm, then get my FC to 10ppm? When do I add the acid? How do I know when I’m ready to start the slam process? Sorry for all the questions, I have never had a pool before and this is all a bit overwhelming for me 🤪
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    Green water. Slam process?

    Thanks for replying! I rechecked my PH and it’s at 7.8, not sure where I got 12. I’ve updated my signature. 🙂 if I remember correctly, I’ve read putting the stabilizer in a sock in the skimmer, my pool does not have a skimmer so how would you suggest to add the stabilizer?
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    Green water. Slam process?

    Hello, first time pool owner here. I was recently given a 22x52 Coleman power steel pool. It has the pump that came with the pool (Plan on upgrading to sand filter once they are back in stock) So I have to work with what I’ve got. Also the cartridge filters seem to be out of stock so I plan to...