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    Do I have a leak?

    Moved from here. Hi fellow pool intuitive.........Change is not always a simple thing and so I have deep thanks to this community. Our transition to SWG has been a bit on the rocky side. Tracking my numbers, using great kits helps lot. They can not compensate for a possible leak. Finally hit...
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    Chemistry levels

    Moved from here. I am reading this thread with trepidation. It is a lot to process and I am in Florida too. We are getting ready to convert our 18k vinyl lined pool to a SWG and have been focusing on getting my pool balanced in preparation for the transition. We are purchasing a Hayward...
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    trichlor, ezpool, or salt?

    Tough summer. I am on the third rec from the pool stores to change my system. I have gone from having elevated calcium levels ( on ezpool), to elevated stabilizer levels ( on Trichlor). Pool people want me to switch to Sustain........scares me, garden organically, things that sound so lethal...