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    Slight Green Hue

    I have a 18 foot above ground pool that has a slight green look to it. When I brush the bottom it looks like like some kind of green dust is on the bottom so guessing some sort of Algae issue starting? My CC is 0 my PH is around 7.2-7.5 hard to read the colors. My CYA is around 30. I current...
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    Intex sand filter sand escaping

    I have a 16inch Intex sand filter that is a year old. I just added a vacuum on the return that comes with a small prefilter cone. I noticed it keeps getting clogged with sand particles after a day or two of use. It doesn’t take much to clog this filter. Before I go about tearing apart the...
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    Hayward Skimmer Final Steps...

    I just screwed in the Hayward skimmer by splitting the gasket in two. My water level is about 2 inches below the grey line on my Intex so it was very nerve racking poking holes and and seeing water spray out of the holes. About 20 mins later I have the skimmer mounted to the side of the pool...
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    Remove Hayward Skimmer for Winter Storage?

    Thinking about installing the skimmer, but what do you guys do for storage? Last year I rolled up the liner as best as I could and thinking I would maybe have to remove this before storing? If you remove do you do anything to proct the liner etc where you cut the hole?
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    Pavers location and plumb legs

    Well I thought I did it all right. Build the top rail and put the pavers so the Y bracket was towards the edge ( pool side edge). I build the pool and thought I had it all lined up but started filling with water and in the process of removing wrinkles must have moved the liner I have legs they...
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    All Star brand pool sand

    The only pool sand I can find in the area is at Menards made by All Star. I have a 3000 GPH Intex sand filter so wanted to see if this sand would be appropriate to use. Thanks
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    Can I please stop leveling!

    I can't level anymore! Putting up an intex 18x48. I digged down to soil and will use 1" XPS with 2" brick pavers. I built the rail and using a 6 foot level I am level all the way around..maybe a 1/4" variance in spots so happy with that. My issue is more around the ground itself. Given I...
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    Adding stabilizer if using tablets (day 1)?

    I am going to be filling up an intex 18x48 this weekend. First time owning a pool and been doing as much reading as possible. This is a 3-4 month pool, and if the kids like it will use it again next year. I was planning on using the floating chlorine tabs from Sams Club which I believe has...
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    Setting up pool without water

    My town wants to see the pool setup completely without water. I thought I read that could harm the liner to have it up in the heat without water did I read that correctly? If that is correct anywhere I can point to so I can explain that to the inspector? It might be up without water for a few...
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    6-7" high to fill the gap

    I am almost done leveling my dirt and then plan to use foam. Based on the water level within 1/2" all the way around and will level the pavers as well. My question is, I had to dig down 6-7" at my high spot. Given that large drove from the grass to the pool what do I put there? Any risk I...
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    Did I buy the wrong pavers?

    I have a 18’ Intex and ordered these blocks from Lowe’s. will these work or will the be too thin?
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    Thread size Intex 18x48

    Does anyone know the thread size that comes with the 18x48 Prism? I haven't opened it yet as waiting for permits but purchased a sand filter which I know is 1.5". I am having a hard time finding what comes standard with this size pool does anyone with experience know?
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    Maximum plumbing distance from intex pump

    I am setting up an intex pool for the summer. The issue is the distance from the pump to the pool. I know I can't use an extension cord but what is the maximum feet I can use pipes for water movement? Can I run 20 feet of PVC from the pump to the pool? I know the best option is to get an...
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    18’ intex ground level with foam

    I am in the process of installing an 18’ foot Intex. Spent two days leveling so far. Have a 6” high spot so lots of digging. I plan to use 1” rigid foam. I wanted to get your view on how level the ground has to be if using foam. For example I assume some small divits won’t matter. Also thinking...