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    Replaster without chipping out?

    Ok, apparently I’m learning EVERYTHING about pool problems all at once, because everything is going wrong. Our brand new pool plaster is covered in stains due to a lackluster startup, and they’ve been recommending an acid wash to fix it. But today PB came over with a little acid pump sprayer to...
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    New pool leaking :(

    Well, this build has been a bit of a cluster. Pool was filled 5 weeks ago and we’ve already had several issues with the startup. But for the first 5 weeks the pool never needed topping off with the hose. Then Friday night we lost a bunch of water overnight (~1 inch). I thought it was strange but...
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    Will chemicals keep toads out of pool?

    Woke up this morning to 8 toads swimming around in and mating in our pool. One had laid a giant egg string. 🤮 Will proper chlorine/chemical balance keep them out? (We are still in our builder-provided startup period and realizing our pool water has basically nothing in it...)
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    No chlorine in pool?

    Ok, I’m totally new to this. Got my TF-100 kit and am trying it out. Pool is just a few weeks old but we’ve had a lackluster startup (28-day program contracted by our builder, which supposedly guarantees the plaster). We were told the pool was “balanced” and we could swim, but I’ve never seen...
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    Best pool companies in NW Arkansas?

    Just curious if there’s anyone out there in NW Arkansas, and who you’d recommend as the most reputable pool companies in this area? (Are we allowed to ask for specific referrals on here? Maybe PM me if anyone has names to share?)
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    Hello from NW Arkansas!

    Hello! Im a brand new pool owner, just filled our gunite/plaster pool about 10 days ago. It’s already a bumpy road because I didn’t discover this forum until after our first mishap...😂 (Help!!! Brand new plaster stains) I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from all of you! Thanks so much!
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    Help!!! Brand new plaster stains

    Help! Our brand new gunite pool was plastered (plain white) 11 days ago. Plaster was done on Friday and they started to fill immediately. We never received any instructions from our PB and knew almost nothing about pools bc they said they had someone starting everything up for the first 28 days...