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    Multiple Problems - suction side leak - filter/sand issues

    Sorry for the long post but these problems have me pulling my hair out. Trying to provide as much info as possible to avoid clarifying questions. BACKGROUND Last year I had issues using my vacuum head on my Shallow Skimmer. When I tried to shut my main drain and/or Deep Skimmer valves to get...
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    Water Level Dropping Faster Than Normal

    It seems like our water level is dropping faster than usual. We have a 20x40 Lazy L (33,000 gallons). We added a heater this Spring. So I am wondering if water is evaporating more since the pool temperature is being held at 90 degrees. Is that possible or should I be worrying about a slow leak?
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    What to do with my old mesh safety cover

    Just ordered a new mesh safety cover and I am wondering what to do with the old one. Would hate to just put it out for the garbage man to take to a landfill. I saw a thread a while back where someone suggested using it as landscape mesh as a weed guard. Great idea which I will try but my pool...
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    Suction Side Leak with Vacuum head attached

    I have three valves Shallow Skimmer (SS), Deep Skimmer (DS), and Main Drain (MD). Started getting a lot of air when attaching my vacuum head and closing the other two valves. So I put the vacuum head on three sections of my automatic cleaner on the SS. While air bubbles were present, I ran...
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    SWG Systems under $1000?

    I am a believer now - no longer using pucks. But I am growing tired of adding liquid chlorine every other day. I was thinking about going the Hasa Liquidator route but someone suggested considering an SWG. Having seen some negative comments here about the Liquidator I started wondering if that...
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    Liquid Chlorine feeders

    Ok, I am a believer in the whole TFP Methodology, Pool Math and Pool School teachings. IT WORKS! When you follow the guidelines here your pool will be gorgeous. But I am not happy about having to test my water every day or every other day and adding liquid chlorine to keep my chlorine at or...
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    TFP Newbie - Cannot get fc to register

    Monday Removed cover mesh safety cover Water was reddish Brown entire entire bottom was black. Vacuumed to waste as much as possible. Added 4 CASES of Maintain Liquid shock FC did not register on AquaChek test strips Tuesday Evening Added 5 more Cases Liquid Shock FC=CY=0 according/to test...