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    Can there be something bad on the board making cells go bad

    Or are cells just this terrible lately? I have an older PS8 and a T15. I have had the board redone about 5 years ago and it fixed some high salt readings, but I think I've gone through 3 cells in 4 years recently. One hayward and two off brand. All of them drop one side of polarity first. My...
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    heater temp control

    hi all, i'm having trouble with my hayward heater control... the other day my kids were in the jacuzzi, telling me it was too hot. I had it set to 96, and when I went to check the controls it was reading 102. I've been watching it for a while now and it consistently overshoots. it does...
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    is this a cracked impeller?

    so, my 2 spd 2hp tristar has been sounding like it's going on the uphill part of a roller coaster just before the drop. i was hoping it was some debris, but found that the white wear ring had just about eaten through the diffuser. i assume that the impeller was cracked as well, but looking at...
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    wrong signature?

    for some reason i seem to have someone elses signature, none of the below things i would have entered..., also on my own page, i have the edit pencil available for all items about me except that block, so i can't change it...
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    low salt reading due to controller?

    so, i recently measured my salt at almost 4k, and new that my call hadn't been doing it's best (clean and reading 2500), so i bought a new extended life 940. when plugged it in, i had it remeasure the instant and saved that... and it wound up being 3100. i re checked the salt with my taylor drop...
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    glx cells and warranty

    anyone here well versed in t cell failures and warranty? i had a 3 year t15 that i received a replacement for about 9 months ago. the shop i dealt with does direct swap in the shop, so it cost me nothing. he gave me the impression that the cells in general are a crapshoot as to whether i even...
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    cya chart

    it's been a while since i've been on, but way back, i setup my pool according to the big cya chart and always ran bout 35-40ppm cya and followed the recc FC levels. i just ran across the simplified version in the school, and it seems to show not less than 70ppm for SWG pools... i looked through...
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    bad cell behavior?

    i have a ps-8 with a t cell 15.... i'm pretty sure it's bad as it's been reding <2000 and my dropper kit says almost 4k... it does however seem to always start out at 3000-3200 when i just turn on the pump after its been down for a little while. i can do the save instant slat level at that time...
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    pipe sizing, reducers, runs, etc..

    i recently had my pool completely redone. it's a small pool, about 13k, with a spa. i got a 2 speed 2hp hayward with the intention of always using the low for the pool and the high for the spa. while i rarely use the pump on high for the pool, i occasionally flip it on for some quick skimming...
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    2 speed pump, ps8, and heater cool down mode

    will all three of these play nice together? i have a hayward 2hp, 2spd pump on a ps8 with a hayward 400k btu heater. when the pool crew originally came out to get it started, they only hooked up the single high speed and everything was working pretty good. used the spa, and when i went to shut...