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    Dark Stain on Plaster from Chlorine Puck

    Part of a chlorine puck (Trichloro-s-triazinetrione) ended up in the pool for a day or 2. Once removed left behind is a dark stain on the plaster. I've read about vitamin c for iron. Is there anything that can remove the puck stain? Thanks
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    Jandy Cartridge Filters Blew-Out

    These filters were only a year old, from Inyo (bought May 9 2018). They didn't look very dirty and had been cleaned at 6 months when they looked dirtier. Just sprayed them down with hose nothing rough or abrasive. Since then hairnets have been in both baskets always. I wasn't using them the...
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    Aquacal Defrost Sensor Failure

    The part is available from inyo pools. Is a technician required or can this be diy'd? Heat pump keeps freezing up. Ice visible. Fan fails to start. Code dPO. Outside temps are mid 50s. This unit has worked into the 30s before. Thanks
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    To Slam or Not To Slam?

    Water isn't as clear as it was last year. It's been a brutal spring from leaves and oak tree catkins. Chlorine level dipped to 0.5 earlier this week. I ran it up between 8 & 12 with CYA of 40 for 3-5 days but clarity is not back. OCLT Results PM FC- 8.5 CC- 0.5 AM FC- 7.0 CC- 0.5 It's more...
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    The Trees

    In honor of the time of year any anyone who has a pool nestled in the trees. :salut: There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their pleas The trouble with the maples And they're quite convinced they're right They say...
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    How does CH jump over the winter?

    How does CH jump over the winter? Where's the calcium coming from? Does lower TA play any part in this? Last year CH was consistently in the 425 range. Running the test (twice) it's now 600. And this is after replacing some water last year. Rough estimate is 25% of 25k gallons. Pool Math wants...
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    Diver- 1 / Polaris- 0

    Someone (er, me) dove into the pool and collided with the Polaris (280 I believe). The rear wheel snapped off. See pics. What's the little gray part called that the wheel is attached to? Need to get it back online. The trees see an opening in our defenses. Thanks
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    Fireplace Logs...So Many Choices

    First timer at buying fireplace logs. This will be for an outdoor fireplace fueled by propane. The choices are kinda overwhelming...vented/vent-free, remotes, thermostatic, styles, etc... Anyone have any insight? What's best for outdoor fireplace? We're not expecting a bunch of heat but a...
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    Sneaking a Pool Test

    A family member has heard the TFP story but still uses pucks. So while visiting this past weekend I snuck a sample of water in a plastic water bottle to bring home for testing. They have kids who have lots of friends. So the question...will the results be impacted by sitting in a plastic water...
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    Clear Water Pics...Feel Free to Share

    Spent the evening by the pool last night with Mrs Salty. I couldn't help but notice how awesomely clear the water looked. Just the day before a rather large frog decided our pool would be his final resting place and he would rot in peace....stinky! He could have been there a day or 2 but not any...
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    Can't Find Waste or Drain to Lower Water Level

    I have the opportunity to pump a couple thousand gallons of rainwater out of our drinking water storage tank. We need to perform some maintenance requiring a lower water level. This works out well as Pool Math tells me draining 1/3+ will help reduce CYA and CH levels (currently 60 & 450...
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    Replacement Weir Door - Pentair

    Thanks to TFP I now know weir doors are important. Good ole PB didn't install any. But, I'm having trouble verifying which doors are right. The underside of the skimmer lid shows 'Pentair 5063xx Bermuda'. I've found 2 Bermuda replacements online. Interestingly, the Pentair site isn't helpful at...
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    Extending Wifi to the Pool Area

    Apologies if this has been discussed. I searched and only saw threads on outdoor speakers/stereos. We have Sonos and are thrilled with it so this is a question about wfi extenders & options only. Currently our in-house wifi is very spotty more than 20' from the house. Our walls are concrete and...
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    Help ID Equipment

    Would appreciate any insight into identifying this equipment. There's an Aqualink unit with a remote control not really pictured. Eventual goal is to better understand how to run everything. An area of particular concern is how the spa overflow impacts filter and heat pump operation. Another is...
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    First Timer w/First Test

    Hi, Everybody likes pics so we'll start there. The pool was finished and filled a couple months before the pavers, pergola and landscaping were completed. Everything is done now but the drone hasn't been back since this phase of the project: This is our first pool and the builder seems to...