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    Tank Leaking After DE Cleaning

    That torque sounds more like it. What kind of DE filter is it? I've only owned Pentair DE filters. A 20 yr old one a brand new one. Both had a spring under the band clamp nut. That silicone lube would probably be ok, but better to ask a pro. I buy mine from the local pool store. A tube lasts...
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    Tank Leaking After DE Cleaning

    Another thing to try is tapping the band clamp with a rubber mallet all around the filter as you are tightening to help it seat properly. I start on the opposite side from the nut and work my way around towards the nut in both directions. Most of the DE filters use a stiff spring on the band...
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    Leak at valve junction

    Another option is to wack off the existing pipe flush with the valve port and use a 2 1/2" 45-deg elbow over the valve port, then reduce back down to 2" to rejoin with the existing pipe. You will need to clean the valve port with sandpaper to get a clean glue joint. I learned that trick last...
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    TX Pool Repair Post Freeze - what a MESS

    My local pool store seems to be out of everything. No acid, no liquid chlorine,, luckily they did have lots of DE. I got my multiport valve off ebay for an ok price. Received it in 2 days. DE filter was estimated at 8 days, got in 6 days. 2 inch PCV fittings was a pain. Had to visit 3 different...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    Got it all together last night. Everything went pretty smooth. Got waste line conencted using a 90 and a 45 deg fitting. Had to use a drain type PCV for the 45 deg elbow. It's very hard to find PCV fittings around here, especially 2" stuff. Had to hit 3 different box stores to get five 90 degs...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    Thx for the replies. Think I have a good plan now. Multiport valve came with a short clear piece of pipe with male threads on one end and slip fit on other end. I think it's to observe backwash flow but not sure why it's threaded on one end. Don't see anything I could screw in to. I'd like to...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    Don't think I have enough room for 3 fittings. After looking at it some more, if I rotate the filter I can make the heater connection using a portion of the old pipe. This will mis-align the waste line but I later realized that I can make a 90 straight down then a 45 over to waste pipe and...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    New DE filter and multiport valve mocked-up in place. Good news is the RETURN port of the multiport valve is facing the heater now. Bad news is the heater input is misaligned by abt 1/2". Can't move DE filter the way I need to go since its as close to house as it can be and still get band clamp...
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    Looking for Jandy heater manifold access door

    Still looking..
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    Air in pump basket and bubbles from returns....

    One tidbit I've learned is that the instant the pump shuts off, if there's a suction side leak. water will spurt out for abt 1/10 of a second. You gotta be paying very close attention and it helps to have someone else at controls while you're watching the suspect area/s. My theory is the...
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    Looking for Jandy heater manifold access door

    Got to looking at my JXI heater a little closer yesterday. What I thought has a cracked water manifold looks to be just the access door (Jandy R0589600). Found one online but shipping is 3 weeks. Filter is supposed to be here in 1 week. To my suprise, the multiport valve arrived today (ordered 2...
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    Texas Freeze Damage & Insurance

    It wasn't just the cold. Were were told blackouts would last 15 to 40 mins max. After an hour of no power, no internet, no TV, no cell service, near 0 degs outside and no idea when power would return, we quickly realized that priorities had to be focused on saving life and high-value property...
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    DE filter sizing

    The Pentair FNS 60 I was looking at disappeared. Went with the 100sf Pentair Quad DE filter and the recommended high flow multiport valve. Should all be here by April 8th, we'll see.
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    DE filter sizing

    Ok thx. I'm assuming that when I do upgrade to the 2.7 hp green pump, the FNS60 will still be OK? The other 2.5 hp pump in the pic is for a water fall feature. That's the pump I'm currently using to circulate water while awaiting parts. It was already winterized when storm hit.
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    DE filter sizing

    Filter is a Pentair Nautilus 60 sq ft DE type. (I fixed signature), My understanding is that pressure is the result of flow VS restriction, so less restriction with same flow= less press (differential press across filter). I'm assuming the fliter pump HP being high might have to do with the...
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    DE filter sizing

    Currently have a 60 sq ft DE grid filter that needs replacement. Thinking up getting a 80 or 100 sq ft DE filter. Pump is a 2.5 hp single speed. With old filter, press was abt 26 psi just after replacing DE. Typically in abt 1 month, it would be up to 35 psi. The pressures always seemed high to...
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    Replacing Pentair Nautilus 60 sq ft DE filter

    From what I have read, DE filters down to 5um where cartridges are 15-20um at best. Back flushing with DE sys is cheap. Not sure what non-DE cartridges costs but seems like they would get expensive over time.
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    Replacing Pentair Nautilus 60 sq ft DE filter

    Haven't had any luck finding a good bottom for my cracked one. Looking at newer stuff. I see there are the FNS grid types and the "Quad DE Cartridge" types. Prices are fairly close. Is one better than the other? Do grids last longer than the "DE Cartridges"? Do these 2 types of Pentair filters...
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    Running Polaris 280 off water hose

    Well, garden hose connected directly to output hose from booster pump didn't work out. Not enough flow to maintain press. We run well water at 60 to 90 psi. Went to "plan C". Water fall pump (2.5 hp single speed) has a place to attach garden hose on outlet. I'm currently using that outlet to...
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    Running Polaris 280 off water hose

    This is from 2021. Gave it a quick eyeball this evening. Wasn't able to get the booster pump outlet hose off. I'll get out the heat gun and try again tomorrow. I have a water hose repair gizmo that provides a standard female hose thread but not sure abt the inner diameter of the booster pump...