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    Spa return size

    Just had a heater installed for our pool/spa. The spa runs off a separate pump, I think it is 3/4 hp. The guy who installed the heater put in 1” diameter returns and there is hardly any pressure so to speak, not enough that makes it feel like a massage. If I put in say 1/2” or 3/4” returns I...
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    Fountain check valve question

    We just had our pool remodeled. Part of the job involved updating our plumbing by the filter, pump, heater, etc. The pool and the fountain on same system. The fountain drain seemed to not be drawing in much water at all when main drain, skimmer, vacuum were shut off. I asked the contractor and...
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    New plaster chemical question

    Just had pool , spa, and fountain remodeled/refinished with pebble tech two weeks ago. Chemical start us was done and currently the pool and waterfall which are on one system testing good with Taylor test kit for correct levels. However, spa which is app 300 gallons shows no chlorine when I...
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    Question about air valves

    Good morning, Just had our pool remodeled during which they laid tile over the existing surface. The spa has two holes where there is pvc pipe about 3/4” diameter which is now about two inches below the surface. I am new to spas but I am told that is to regulate air to allow for more...
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    Spa cleaning question

    I have an inground spa that is physically connected to the main pool but it does not spill over into the pool and the spa has its own pump and filter. What is the best way to clean this? I have seen small handheld vacuums on Amazon but the reviews are all over the place. Any suggestions?
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    Am I missing something here? New heater installation.

    We are having a complete pool remodel with the addition of a pool/spa heater. The original setup had the newer large pump/filter on left operating pool suction and return, as well as a fountain return only. The older pump on right operated the suction and return of the fountain. However, because...
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    Trying to make sense of this! we go. I have a in-ground pool, spa, waterfall/overflow. The pool and spa are at the same level. The waterfall/overflow is raised above that level. Pump/filter A has skimmer, main drain, and vacuum suction as well as pool return. Pump /filter B has spa, fountain-overflow suction and...
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    Question about my pool waterfall

    So we just moved into this house which has a waterfall feature. Question...there are two pvc pipes sticking up above the water line and the water shoots up, lands in the small waterfall pool, and then it falls down over the ledge into the main pool. Is that the way it is supposed to be? It looks...
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    Just moved into new house with pool

    Hello everyone. We have always had a pool and I have always done all the cleaning, testing, etc. with no real problems. However, we just moved into our new home and am a little perplexed. The pool was built around 1989 and has a spa as well as a waterfall. Has not been maintained the best. So, I...