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    What dries out a liner?

    I'm replacing my liner after only 6 years due to extensive sun rot. Apparently the UltraMayd liner's only advantage is that the warranty does cover sun rot so I might be able to see a 50% pro-rated savings on the retail (what the installer pays) for a replacement liner. My new installer says...
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    DST and time zone settings not working?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this; I'm still getting used to the new layout on the new server since my previous visits here... I have my settings configured for -8 (Pacific time) and DST auto and I'm seeing times as one hour off - so a post as 2:00 pm Pacific is presenting as...
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    Stenner Pump woes

    So I finally ordered a stenner pump and installed it this weekend. Pretty easy to do, it was helpful that I already had the entry point tapped. After turning it on I noticed a small drip leak at the injector between the check valve and the injector nozzle thing. I took that apart and there...
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    Pentair VS3050 making intermittent whining noise

    I've already called tech support and they're sending out a service guy tomorrow. On the phone today he told me its most likely a piece called a slinger and that they just remove it, that its not needed and serves no purpose. This doesn't sound right to me? Does anyone have any experience with...
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    Recommendation needed for a spa only heater

    Hi all! I need some help finding a spa heater for my in-laws spa. Their pool heater has broken beyond economical repair and they only use it for the spa so they'd rather replace it with a smaller heater. The spa is about 5 foot in diameter and maybe four feet deep in the footwell. I've found...
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    Fixing a solar cover seam?

    My solar cover (1 yr old! :evil: ) has ripped at one of the seams. Is there a blue water proof tape I can use to repair it? Or some other repair method?
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    Time Change?

    Did the forum's clock not get changed with the recent time change event? I'm setup as Pacific time zone but it's showing one hour earlier than it is...
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    Question about electrical risk when pool light failed

    So, I need better understand the risks of a 120 Volt light in our pool. The better half is very concerned about ever using our pool light again after it burned out due to water leaking into the light. The interior of the light fixture was pretty corroded indicating that it had probably leaked...
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    CH test turns purple?

    If the CH test turns purple instead of blue is it the same thing? I ran the test twice and after 8 drops the sample turned a solid purple. On the second test I added 8 more drops and observed no change in the color - still same shade of purple. This past summer my fill water was 120-140 so I'm...
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    How to add calcium chloride to a vinyl pool?

    I have a bucket of hardness increased from Leslie's - which I am assuming is calcium chloride? On the tub it warns against premixing with water and especially not hot water as it says that beat will be released when adding this to water. With a brand new liner I am extra paranoid somewhat is...
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    Plastimayd 28mil or 20mil Ultra?

    Looking at the Plastimayd liners they have 20, 28 a mix of these and an ultra series with some blend of stuff to supposedly resist heat, uv, and chemical deterioration to last up to 50% longer. The warranty for the ultra also covers sun rot which the warranty for the 28 mil doesn't. But the...
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    Vinyl pool remodel in San Diego - Going swimming!

    Well it's time. I had hoped to wait until next year but the liner had other plans. We learned soon after buying this house that the pool had been poorly maintained in terms of chemistry and brushing the waterline. Lots of staining along the water line and the southern facing wall was cracking...
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    Adding DE to the filter

    I don't have a skimmer with a top opening so adding DE to recharge the filter always results in a bunch of DE floating in the pool and on the pool floor. Is there anything wrong with adding the DE slurry inside the filter since I already have it open for cleaning the grids/cartridges (With the...
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    Speedstir magnet not spinning?

    My speedstir magnet thing that you put in the sample doesn't really spin anymore or for long when it does. I dropped it a few times - could I have damaged it?
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    Liquid CYA concentration and pool calculator

    What concentration of CYA does the pool calculator use for liquid cya?
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    Does the VS3050 detect lack of prime?

    Can the VS3050 pump automatically reprime itself like the VF series pump when they lose prime while running? This weekend my cleaner climbed the wall to the surface and sucked in a significant amount of air; enough to totally empty the pump basket. I ran over to shut it down and prime it...
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    CYA testing

    I just got a new refill of R-0013 from tftestkits I also got the 50 ppm standard so I could make sure I'm doing the test correctly. With the standard I couldn't ever get closer than 55 - and that only with holding it at chest level. The color of the ground makes a big difference too - I have...
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    Should I shock?

    Yesterday was a beautiful day. We hosted a BBQ and had up to 7 people in the pool with one being a 1.5 years old; when we took him kut we discovered he had pooped in his swim diaper :shock: needless to say everyone came out. I measured the FC and CC and had 6.5/0. It had been 7/0 a few hours...
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    Pointing returns

    Here's my pool layout: EAST _ _ _ _ _ _R_ w |.........3.5'...| |................| |................| |..........6'....| B................| B................| B..........3.5'..| B _ _r_ _r_ _s_ | WEST B = seim out ench (no stairs), r and R = returns, s = skimmer, w = waterfall, the bump out is...
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    How to properly put away a solar cover?

    Hey all, I did a search but didn't find anything. I need to leave my solar cover/banket off for a few weeks and I was thinking that leaving it rolled up and covered with the uv tarp will encourage mold and algae to grow. So I've spread it out over my pool fence to dry before I fold it up and...
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    Recommendations/best practices for installing a SWG cell

    Other than the distance from the heater are there any other recommendations/best practices for installing the cell? I've seen comments about avoiding cell placement too low to the ground? What is a recommended height? Any other best practices?
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    Pool Devil and PoolSkim reviews?

    My pool has a single skimmer located on the short side of my pool about 3 feet from the corner...the kicker it that this side is usually upwind :hammer: Two of the returns are on the same short wall as the skimmer, and a third return is on the other side of the pool pretty much directly across...
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    Plugging a hole in PVC pipe

    I'm contemplating moving some connections for the LQ around. I want to try putting the suction tube into the drain plug opening In the pump but this will leave me with a hole in the suction pipe between the pump and the valve that switches from the skimmer to the cleaner. Any ideas short of...
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    Does the volume of CL in the LQ matter?

    Does the volume of the CL in the LQ change the concentration on the CL being delivered? I have an 8 gal LQ and today decided I was tired of refilling it every two weeks with 2 gals (for maybe 3 gals max in there) and I went and got two cases of CL and put 4 gals in on top of the 2ish gals that...
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    pH staying at 7,2

    I can't seem to keep my PH at 7.6; it always goes down to 7.2 Numbers as of this evening: CYA: 60 FC: 3.5 (a bit low I know, I ran out of CL and haven't had a chance to get more - it was at 7 on Saturday) CC: 0 PH: 7.4 - 7.2 TA: 80 CH: 130 This past weekend I raised by PH using borax to get it...
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    Losing pressure - can't run Liquidator

    Hello everybody. I have a new one for you: I went to test the water this afternoon to see what the rains have done to my balance turns out things are pretty good: pH: 7.2, TA: 55, FCL: 2.5 - that's low since I need at least 5 with my CYA level (60) so I decide I'll add some more Cl manually...
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    Activating a solenoid to control Liquidator

    Note: I wasn't sure if this post belonged in this forum or under Chemical Automation as it kind of bridges both... I'm having an issue with my chlorine levels swinging significantly with the Liquidator - and it turns out it's due to running the solar. Depending on the day the solar may run for...
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    Cleaning pump basket - what am I doing wrong?

    With my old Hayward pump, when I would open up the leaf trap I wouldn't lose much water from the pump basket area - maybe an inch or two. With the Pentair VS3050, every time I've opened it to clean out the basket all of the water siphons out? Should I be opening the filter air relief on the...
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    Measuring flow at the returns

    In looking at flow meters the requirements for an accurate reading for the Blue-White meters are that you have straight pipe for 10X the diameter of the pipe before the meter and 4X after it. For 2" pipe that's 28" of straight pipe which I don't have anywhere on my pad. Which got me to...
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    Estimating GPM from pump speed

    Hello all, if there is already a post answering this question please redirect me; my searches brought back too many results... I am trying to figure out a rough pump speed to get approx 45 gpm GPM with a vs3050 Where do I start?