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    Rusty winterizing plugs

    Yeah. I'll just buy new ones and be sure to inspect them before annual closing.
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    Rusty winterizing plugs

    After our pool company opened our pool this year, I noticed a stain from one of the two return lines to the pool floor. I figured it was organic, but when it didn't go away I put some AA in a skimmer sock and rubbed it along the stain and the entire stain lifted. I have been puzzled why it...
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    Treat iron stain on stairs with low water level

    In a previous post I received some recommendations for my plan to open the season (PA) with an AA treatment to tackle some iron staining that is mostly on the steps and in some random places along the walls. The pool is concrete/plaster. I checked under the cover and the heavy snow and ice on...
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    AA Treatment for iron staining question about CYA levels

    Hi everyone, I live in southeast PA and am getting prepped for opening the pool in May. We have some iron staining on our pool steps and on some of the walls. I did a small spot treatment test last year to confirm. I have read the Ascorbic Acid Treatment - Further Reading article many times and...
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    Holes in towels kept in outdoor towel box

    Could be carpet beetles. Very small.
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    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    What kind of fence do you have? I am trying to make out the reflection!
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    What kind of bugs are these?

    I follow approach and use Bifen granules and hose the entire lawn with Cyonara Lawn & Garden RTS. Cuts them down. I get springtails all over my siding too and generally have to dust and cyonara the whole side of the house. It works well, but again, you can't eliminate them completely.
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    Is my Hayward T-9 SWG dying?

    Thanks. I had already reset it. I have some reagents on the way for doing my own test as you suggested. I like your suggestion of comparing the water out of the return with the main pool! Will do that.
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    Is my Hayward T-9 SWG dying?

    I'm concerned because the amps are currently 2.14 and are ideally between 2.3 and 6.7 when the cell is producing. The voltage is 27.9 and would ideally be between 22-26. The instant salinity seems way off compared to the average and I have not added salt. This along with the cell's age.
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    Is my Hayward T-9 SWG dying?

    Last year, the forum helped me know that my SWG was working by the diagnostics. I just needed to start the pool season with a SLAM and we were good all summer. This year, I started off with a SLAM, the pool is crystal clear, and I have turned the SWG back on. The power and generating lights are...
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    SWG not producing chlorine

    You are all awesome.
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    SWG not producing chlorine

    Thank you! I needed to hear this.
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    SWG not producing chlorine

    Thank you @mknauss . If I can find a retailer who sells the TF100 I will buy that today. Suggestions? I bought the K2006 through Amazon, not the K2006C. (Shoots self in foot.) I can return it.
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    SWG not producing chlorine

    Thank you so much. I ordered the K-2006. Unfortunately, it's not scheduled to arrive for 5 days. Is there a FC only test I can get at Leslie's? My three in-store water tests showed my CYA at 0. I am working to raise it. So if I get it up to 80, does that mean I need to bring FC to 16? can I do...
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    SWG not producing chlorine

    Thank you, @JamesW and @mknauss. I have aquarite. The first characters are 3E14. If this is not what you need, please let me know. Here are the diagnostics: 3400 88 26.5 4.98 100P -3200 AL-0 r1.59 t-9 The water was originally at 69 degrees. I was running the heater yesterday in...
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    SWG not producing chlorine

    Hello all, Thank you for taking the time to read this. We opened our pool on Monday. This is our 3rd season since buying the home. The pool has a Hayward T-9 cell. Unfortunately, the cell doesn't seem to be producing chlorine. I ran the pump for three straight days and tested each day at...