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    Mastertemp 300 - SOLVED! - Cycling -

    Been fighting a cycling Mastertemp 300 heater for most of the summer season. It would start to cycle once the temperature would reach around 88 degrees, cycle again and then eventually the service heater light would come on. This would occur when heating the spa or pool. So I: 1. Checked...
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    Fireworks in Pool - My journey to find cause of air bubbles!

    So I was cutting the grass around my pool on Sat July 4th and noticed lots of big air bubbles coming out from one of my returns and then noticed the actual return eye sitting at the botom of the pool...not good. I went over to the pump saw it was half full of water. I turned off pump checked...
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    Pool / Spa Heater Seems to cycle Hot and Cold Water

    I have a MasterTemp 300 heater for our inground 25K gallon SWG pool w/ a raised spa. When in spa mode and heating the spa it seems like the heater will heat the water for about a minute and then we feel cold water coming through the inlets, then it heats the water, feels great when sitting in...