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    Converting spa makeup line to spa fill line

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile but not sure if it can be done. I have a raised spa that I have set up for spillover mode once a day , so I no longer use the spa makeup line. When the spa is used the water displaced by people using it lowers the level below the tile line when...
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    Skimmer Question

    At the bottom of my skimmers there are two pipes , one homeruns to the equipment pad , and the other comes out the side of the pool below the skimmer opening , with a drain cover over it. Between the two pipe openings is a door which can be rotated to cover either opening. I noticed when I...
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    Spillover question

    Hi everyone. First time pool owner and am I ever glad I found this site. What I thought was going to be a monumental task maintaining the chemical balance of the pool has turned out to be an enjoyable task , thanks to all of you. I have the Hayward Prologic automation and am trying to set up the...