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    Blotchy Liner Fade

    Looking for help on anything I might be doing wrong to cause liner fading. This liner has seen 4 seasons and I noticed the fading last season. Just opened and attached is a good pic to reference. There’s pretty consistent fading where the floors meet the walls, but my biggest concern is the...
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    Gluing check valve directly to heater socket

    I’m in the process of replumbling my pad for a vsp upgrade and while I have a tight fit I think I can squeeze in a manual heater bypass. Does anyone see any issue with gluing a check valve directly to the heater union socket?
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    Clorox is on to me

    Opening the pool today and to my surprise, all 3 of my podunk town stores are not selling 8.25% bleach. It's not like they were sold out, they just aren't carrying it now. So instead of being the weirdo buying 6 gallons of bleach, I was the weirdo buying 9. Kid at the counter: "that's a lot...
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    Pad Replumb Suggestions Anyone?

    I'm looking to replace my single speed pump with a VS pump with a 2" port and want to upgrade my pipe to 2" at the pad. I have 1 main drain and 2 skimmers, and 4 returns. My issue is that the lines coming up from the ground are too close together to simply replace the tee's with 2" fittings...
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    Lurker Turned Poster

    After lurking for the past 3 years and enjoying for the most part a TFP thanks to this site, I'm coming out of the shadows. I grew up with IG pools and about 3 years ago moved to a house with an existing pool rather than building one (and avoided a kitchen remodel for my wife). I found this...