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    Some advice: Don't buy anything from WaterGuru

    They have non-existent customer service. I received the Sense last month. Out of the box, it was defective. The circular part that holds the batteries would not clip into the larger round ring it's supposed to sit in. I never put it in my skimmer box because of this. Contacting them for support...
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    Does FC drop faster with higher CYA levels?

    hi all! This is my 2nd season with this pool. Last year i bumbled my way through and found TFpool way too late in the season, and i have a specific question about why my FC disappeared in the last two days. Opened May 8th, 36k gallon in-ground pool with SWG, heater, and new VS pump, taylor...
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    How to clean empty spa?

    Moved into a home with a spa. I'd like to drain and scrub it. what's the best way to scrub? I have a submersible pump to help me drain it, but not sure what to use once it is empty. It's a ~450 gallon Caldera Aspire tub from like 10 years ago. The old owners used bromine to sanitize it, if that...