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    FC at Zero today!

    I turned on my SWG about a month or so ago. At first I monitored it very closely, checking FC day, targeting 6 to 7ish or so. Measuremeants in the first couple weeks were always between 5 and 8 or so, depending on if it was a bright sunny day, or overcast & rainy all day, etc. I check at the...
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    FC below 3 ppm, for use with ScaleTec?

    Hello, first time pool owner here. I touched on this in a different thread about a different issue, but I want to figure out a more detailed plan to deal with my Scale problem, and the Plaster Company's wishes. My pool was filled at the start of 2021 (New Years Eve). The person that was hired...
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    Question about Borates for 1st time.

    I'm getting ready to figure out how to turn on my SWG for the first time ever, and I have read that borates can help stabilizing things with PH, and also help with potential scale issues on the SWG cell. (i'm also trying to maintain CSI slightly negative to help with that too, which I've read...
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    Question about SWG and scale.

    Hello all, My new pool builder (filled with pool water on Dec 31, 2020) is clueless about chemistry, it's a long story, but to cover his butt he used a guy for water chemistry that the plaster company recommended and said to let him do his thing until it was balanced. Long story short, the guy...
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    Plumbing question about the Pool Returns

    I have a fairly new pool. I haver never had a pool , so still a bit overwhelmed, but this forum has helped a lot. I want to run my pump 24/7. In "Pool Mode", the pumps return water to BOTH the Spa and Pool, so I get 24/7 spillover from my SPA..... no bueno!!! Of course I had no idea that...
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    Pool Tool Zinc Anode for a Skimmer Basket weight? Ok? Bad for pool?

    Does anybody know if using this weight, to zip tie and weight down my skimmer baskets would be a bad idea in a swimming pool? Will it potentially damage anything at all?
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    BARACUDA G3 - safe for brand new plaster?

    I have a brand new pool, freshly filled with water yesterday. I've read that I'm supposed to keep things vacuumed and brushed really well for the first 30 days or so, but I've also read not to use any vacuum with wheels for the first 30 days. Does anybody know if the BARACUDA G3 cleaner hooked...
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    What do I need to buy?

    I'm about to have a pool built (dig start time mid-November), and the Builder is putting in a full Pentair system that's pretty robust it seems. It should be around 15,000 gallons it looks like, Freeform pool. I've new to all this pool stuff, but I've been lurking on these forums for a couple...