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    Help. Fine sediment / sand settled at bottom of pool

    I have shocked the pool and run a few times as was very green. Pool itself is running fine however I have an issue with this fine sand / sediment that has settled at the bottom of the pool. My sweep just poofs all the fine sediment up and makes the pool turn a much greener foggy color and...
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    Pool sweep not turning on / do I need to replace the timer or are electrics wrong

    I just had a technician replace the pool pump timer as it wasn’t working and I had to manually turn on the sweep and pump. However now he has replaced the pump timer that now works well and turns on automatically, the pool sweep does not turn on with the timer OR manually when the pump is on...
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    Do I need to replace / repair these grids

    Pool wasn’t going clear so opened filter to find very green grids and some tears at the top. See pics I don’t see any glaring holes in the main grids though. Is this my issue when running and do I need to replace the grids that are ripped?
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    Weird timer/pump/pool sweep issue

    I recently had a new timer installed as my old was faulty and could only be used manually. This was installed a few days ago and set to the times I wanted. Obviously pump comes on then a few hours later the sweep does. issue is that the sweep doesn’t turn on when it should and when the pump is...
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    Multiple issues - what can I fix / diagnose and what do I have to co tact warranty / pool professional

    I have owned a pool for around half a year now and firstly had to deal with a leak in my sheer descent that led me to digging up and removing the entire thing. This lead me to learning a lot more about how pools operate to save me time and money in the future. After running the filter correctly...
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    Freak cold weather in Dallas and my inground pool

    I’m currently in Dallas where it is and has been sub 20 degrees and will be for at least the next few days. I have a large inground pool and spa. Previous to the bad weather starting I was away from my home and came back to bad conditions and a pool and spa that has started to freeze over. The...
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    Paint coming off easily - remodeled pool

    Hi, I bought a remodeled house a few months back where the flippers had painted the pool white. A few issues have come up quickly after not really using the pool at all. 1 - they painted on to the tile. I now know this was crazy and the paint hasn’t stuck at all. Just some rain and wind means...
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    Pool leaking... had 'leaks' fixed in pool light and skimmers HOWEVER pool still leaking

    Hi all First time pool owner and someone struggling to fix an issue that seems to never end. Also worried I am being taken advantage of by contractors due to my lack of knowledge. A quick background 1) Have a large underground pool and attached spa. Saw that when pump was running the pool...