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    Chlorine & Acid Supply Shortage???

    My local Leslies has been out of MA for a few weeks now. Local Lowes has it, but 14 percent so I have to add twice as much or twice as often. Found a local Mom and Pop store that has 31 percent, but is limited to 2 gallons per customer. Local Leslies is only about a mile away, so I wish they...
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    Pentair easy touch without SCG integration

    In theory, you can connect up to 256 devices to an RS-485 bus depending upon the electrical characteristics of the Transceivers. I have a VS pump, Screenlogic wireless antenna and Intellichlor IC60 all attached to my EasyTouch J20 connector. I find that the easiest way to connector multiple...
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    Where do you put the power supply for your robot?

    My power supply lives on the caddy along with the cleaner in my garage. When in use, it is under a patio cover in the shade. I don't like to leave a $1000 tool out in the elements. Gary
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    Automated Heater Bypass

    Yes, I change it before I fire the heater up. Easier than going out to the pad to manually change it by hand.
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    Automated Heater Bypass

    I installed a CVA-24 Actuator on my heater bypass plumbing which existed with a manual valve on the pool when I bought the house. With my setup, using my EasyTouch 8 I can set the valve to partially bypass the heater which is my normal mode to reduce head pressure, or run all of the water...
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    easytouch 8, pentair ic60,screenlogic - communication lost

    It has been a couple of years since I installed the data cable into my IC power center, but as I recall the screw block separates from the piece that is soldered in the circuit board. Just pull the screw block straight off, connect the wires and push is back on. I am old and my memory is shot...
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    Pentair IC40 install with EasyTouch 8 sanity check

    I used the dummy cell when I did my IC60 vertical install. It was easier to manipulate things when dry fitting and doing the final install. I did not want to damage my IC60 during construction and the dummy cell is a lot lighter than the IC60. After all the piping was installed I just swapped...
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    Robot cleaner gets stuck on main drain

    I got the Zodiac unibridge drain cover about 3 years ago and my Dolfin Triton plus has never got stuck on the main drain since then. Unibridge
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    Help needed - Pool pad equipment dry fit - What would you change?

    I did not want my loop to stick up any higher than necessary so I made it shorter than recommended. My SWG runs great, no issues I have seen. Gary
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    Help needed - Pool pad equipment dry fit - What would you change?

    I think the loop you have for the vertical mount SWG is a little larger than you need. I have been running my vertical install IC60 as shown for a year and a half now with no issues. Gary
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    Vertical or Horizontal?

    This was an old picture, taken just after install. Re-painted now, thanks for the paint tip. The gizmow is my previously used Stenner injector, which now has been replaced with a plug. Thank you and Green Crusty for your replies, I appreciate it. Gary
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    Vertical or Horizontal?

    In May 2019 installed an IC60. After 4 months the flow switch thermistor failed, and the Pentair rep sent me a new 3 wire one. In conversation with the rep, he asked if I did a vertical or horizontal install and I told him I did a veridical one because of space restrictions. At that time, he...
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    Wago Wire Connectors

    Hello all, and happy new year! I will be doing some electrical work in my Compool to Easy Touch enclosure. I was going to use wire nuts as usual, but happened to run across the Wago wire connectors on a U-tube video. These connectors appear to be much easier to use than wire nuts and have good...
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    Is this pump toast?

    For too many years, I ran a single speed 2 HP pump for 7 hours per day. It drew 2800 Watts, and my electric bill was really high. When my pump started leaking and bearings squealing 5 years ago I got a new 2 HP motor and rebuilt the pump for about 500 bucks. How stupid was that? This was before...
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    IC60 Thermistor

    Update: Cold water stop again this morning. ET water temp is 57 degrees. Changed the IC thermistor to use an ET regular water/air 10K NTC mounted into my plumbing about 2" in front of the IC water input port. Fired it up and now NOT getting a cold water stop. Works as usual. When I had the IC...
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    IC60 Thermistor

    For the first time this season, the cold water LED on my IC60 is showing red and all the other lights are off. My water temp as reported on Screen Logic is 58 degrees. Salt level reported by Screen Logic is zero. My question is, when the IC60 powers up will the IC60 stop due to what it thinks...
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    Using a Peristaltic pump for Chlorine

    Stenner pumps come with tubing and fittings. You need to drill and tap a hole in your pvc to accept the supplied injector filling. You may want to take a hard look at SWG before investing in the Stenner. I used Stenner pumps for years before seeing the light and went SWG. I wish I had went SWG...
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    How are you storing your robots?

    I store my robot in the garage on the caddy next to my air compressor after cleaning after each use. When I am not looking, these two have conversations and I have no idea what they are talking about. Anyway, I do not like the idea of leaving a $1000 tool in the water all the time. Going on 5...
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    Stenner Install Replacing Jandy SWG

    I went from using Tabs (my bad, hadn't run across TFP yet) to manual;y dosingl liquid Chlorine every day. Being that I did not have anyone who could watch my pool and add Chlorine for me every day while I went on a 1 or 2 week vacation most Summers, I installed a Stenner pump (45 MPH10 fixed...
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    Pentair Power Center 520556 blowing fuses with cell disconnected after power outage.

    It is your decision to get a new unit, but the Board is almost certainly your problem. Transformers are very rugged devices, and seldom fail. If it were me, I would just get a new board for half the price of a new unit. Just my opinion. Gary
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    Pentair Power Center 520556 blowing fuses with cell disconnected after power outage.

    The part number you listed is for the transformer. What you want is the Power Center Surge Board Pentair part number 521034Z. Surge Board at Sunplay Gary
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    Pentair IC40 vs IChlor 30

    I don't know the availability of the 3 wire switch yet. If you bought a post Sep 2018 cell and the flow switch needed to be replaced could you actually buy a 3 wire switch?
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    Pentair IC40 vs IChlor 30

    I don't fully understand the part in the instructions that say that switches before Sept 2018 are not compatible with cells made after Sept 2018. Even if they changed the cell to have separate grounds for the flow switch and thermistor you should be able to used the older 4 wire switch. Link to...
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    Pentair IC40 vs IChlor 30

    Last September the flow switch in my IC60 failed after 4 months of use. I called Pentair and the rep told me he would send a "new version" 3 wire flow switch. Since installation I have had no problems with it. During the winter when my water temp was in the 50's the cell would report salt at...
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    Repair or Upgrade Compool Lx3600

    I did the upgrade a few years back on my ancient LX-10 Timemaster. Very easy to do. Did not have to change or adapt any connectors, Without Screenlogic I would not consider the Easytouch. With the Screenlogic, programming is very easy. Gary