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    Did the pool company forget my SWG?

    Thanks guys, the construction supervisor came over today and I was able to get a ticket turned in to replace the incorrect machine before we got too far through the process. Glad I asked you all!
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    Did the pool company forget my SWG?

    Interesting, thanks! I don't think we paid for any automation, though maybe they don't consider this to be automation? Happy to have another app to mess around with LOL.
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    Did the pool company forget my SWG?

    The earlier pic that shows the filter, Fusion, and pump is everything on the pad. The rest of the space is empty in case we want to add a heater in the future. You are correct, no automation (we don't have a spa, though what is that black Jandy box with an antenna?
  4. Pool pump 4.jpg

    Pool pump 4.jpg

  5. Pool pump 3.jpg

    Pool pump 3.jpg

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    Did the pool company forget my SWG?

    Here is what they installed for the controller:
  7. Pool pump 6.jpg

    Pool pump 6.jpg

  8. Pool pump 5.jpg

    Pool pump 5.jpg

  9. Pool pump 4.jpg

    Pool pump 4.jpg

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    Did the pool company forget my SWG?

    Our pool install has been so slow, but we are finally getting there. A couple weeks ago they installed this system, and frankly I'm only just now really looking at it. The construction supervisor comes later today for a visit, and I want to be educated. We spec'd out a salt system for our 14k...
  11. Pool pump 3.jpg

    Pool pump 3.jpg

  12. Pool pump 2.jpg

    Pool pump 2.jpg

  13. Pool pump 1.jpg

    Pool pump 1.jpg

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    New pool quote in Houston,TX

    We are using A&S right now. Gunite is supposed to be this week, though after the heavy rains we had recently, not sure if there is more cleanout/repair that will be needed. Looking at my contract, I have differences in the following: -section (9) Yes to hydrostatic relief -section (9) "owner...
  15. walls 4.jpg

    walls 4.jpg

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    Massive rain during construction - feedback requested (Houston)

    Our PB (a large nationwide builder) chose to have the dig/rebar done weeks in advance from the gunite, due to schedule delays with the gunite. In the meantime, we had many days of rain and the pool ended up very full of water. Fast forward a week, and they have pumped out the water and "mucked...
  17. walls 3.jpg

    walls 3.jpg

  18. walls 2.jpg

    walls 2.jpg

  19. walls 1.jpg

    walls 1.jpg

  20. walls 0.jpg

    walls 0.jpg

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    New construction in Houston, Tx ** Trying to complete punch list**

    Would you mind showing some closer shots of your tile? I think that is the same we chose and I'm excited to see how it looks on something other than the PB's wall! Thanks!
  22. tile and coping.jpg

    tile and coping.jpg

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    Houston new build - budget question

    Not sure we are able to tell our builder, so I will message you.
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    Planning Houston area pool? Landscaping? Small Wax Myrtle warning here...

    Randomly came across this post. We are close to the dig date, and we literally have 20 wax myrtles along our back fence, planted 5-years ago for privacy that could tolerate some shade. I love them, but now really am not looking forward to cleaning up after them! We removed three crape myrtles...
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    Houston new build - budget question

    Being in the floodplain, there is an extra layer of city permitting required to conform with drainage and the 65% permeability limit, which adds cost and delay. Since you are in Bellaire, not COH, I can't say for sure how yours will go. For COH, we needed a much more robust topographical survey...
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    Does this SWG and pump combo work together?

    Thanks for the quick reply. The pool volume should be about 13-14k. So in a simple pool setup like we have, is the extra cost of the variable speed worthwhile? Is there a particular Jandy pump I should specify as a solid companion?
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    Does this SWG and pump combo work together?

    Confused potential new pool owner here. My head is swimming with all the variables to make sure we get the right combination of equipment for our setup. We have a 14'x28' pool being designed (3-6' deep). No spa, no water features, but WILL have SWG. One of the PBs originally quoted a "Jandy...
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    New build in Seabrook, TX - Sewer Line Found

    How did (or will) your PB resolve the sewer line? IIRC, one of the PBs we are talking to says they literally gunite it into place, and then once the plumber has the new line, they patch the pool before plaster. I might have a detail wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is what he said. He didn't seem...
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    Big PB or a little guy?

    Thank you all for the feedback. Lots to think about. We decided to narrow down to two of the big companies. Hoping to make a decision in the next couple of weeks.
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    Big PB or a little guy?

    Apologies if this has been asked before! In my search for pool companies, there is a local one that has done a few pools in my area (5 I think). The guy has quite a bit of experience at a large company in another city, and recently struck out on his own. I haven't asked for a design or quote...