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    oooo fancy schmancy - intex "walled" pool - anybody seen this?
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    freestanding or attached screen structures

    I mostly see these on Florida pools, but anybody can reply. looking for info and especially photos, up close at structural aspects and outside/inside whole views. sister lives in Phx, AZ metro area and has an old house that has/had a screened porch with a wood frame, very boxy, flat top that...
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    my pool math went wonky

    I was inputting my last chlorine reading a couple of hours ago and it started giving me this error: "Did your phone go swimming? We couldn't connect to the clouds, please check the weather and try again!" I see from looking here on the website that it recorded that 9 ppm a BUNCH of times, but...
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    wierd. I can't get one page here to load

    everything else I have looked at works. tried refreshing forum page and topic, keeps giving same message edit - can read part of the post when I look at my post here, but can't open it. Page could not be...
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    well sheesh, no muriatic acid in the local small town, Ace or wallyworld.

    last week there was no liquid chlorine at the pool store in Tucson, though I found plenty at Ace and wallyworld. what is going on?
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    quick question about OCLT

    related to my post about fresh reagents, is the OCLT valid at maintenance chlorine levels or should it be done at shock level? in other words, does a higher chlorine level magnify any over night loss? or is <1 ppm loss at 4-5 ppm the same at 12+ ppm?
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    friendly reminder to keep your test kit stocked with fresh product!

    I am a cheapskate and HATE throwing things out, so I tend to use those reagents to the end. well I had a little issue of excessive chlorine use a couple weeks ago, and even though the water looked fine, I dumped some gallons in trying to do a SLAM. could NOT pass the OCLT, was losing 3 and 4...
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    new black bears in a pool video

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    question about notice to donate appearing in threads

    I find myself thinking the thread has ended when I come to the horizontal blue banner(s) suggesting membership donation. and have been missing further replies. kind of irritating. I have a couple of questions: are they there for everyone? is there anyway to block them as a donor already? or...
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    heater plotting and planning

    hi all! weather getting colder and time to start posting here again. I seem to get too busy in the summer and don't check in very often. with the public pools shut this year I have lost my winter swim location and am daydreaming about a heater again. I know that I already had a short...
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    in this thread - 30 ft above ground pool my post with the links did something kind of odd. two show images and two are just links, any idea why that happened? I copied and pasted all 4 from the address bars in tabs all open at the same time...???
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    woot has large (1.5 inch) intex valves on sale
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    a few good lines for the times

    Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem. I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I'm cracking a safe. I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator...
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    DE for sand filter - new entrepreneurial opportunities?

    Is there a source for small quantities of DE or should I think about starting a small mail-order business? How long does a 25 lb bag last for using with a sand filter? At least the shipping wieght is low! :ROFLMAO:
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    do I need to address low pH right now?

    I just started a SLAM tonight. I got in a hurry and checked pH before dumping chlorine in and it was high - 8.2 so I just eyeballed some acid (oops) then went to do the rest of a full test while that mixed. It read as low as the scale could read 6.8 maybe a little lower??? should I add...
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    Intex robot has had an "upgrade"

    My robot's main connector hose (the "c" piece) split and instead of spending $30+ to replace it I just bought a whole new unit for $60. They have changed from the multiple piece hoses to a single smaller diameter with no floats or spinners (curious how that is going to work in terms of getting...
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    does anybody remember a pool build using a big galvanized storage tank from a couple of years ago?

    I remember it was on a farm, midwest, postings done by a woman. think it was 20 feet across or bigger. search on "stock tank pool" only gives me small troughs.
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    I just ruined my pump, what should I do now?

    My "plan" was to possibly replace the whole pool next year, go up in size and get a real pump and filter. I did something extremely stupid this morning and turned the pump back on and walked off with all valves closed. Oops. They are tough little motors and who knows it may start up again...
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    automatic chlorine dispensers

    I am almost 100% positive there was a manufactured pump and tank set up - NOT the Liquidator - but I can't find it in a search, and can't remember the name. Anybody know what I am thinking of? I am sure it was some kind of Stenner but it was packaged together with a tank and all one price...
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    pools and phones - what is your method?

    I had an ancient flip phone until verizon forced me into the modern times this past January. Because of the nature of my life, I kind of have to be able to answer when someone calls (also I enjoy gabbing with my sister when I am in the pool). However the cost of these things to replace is...
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    Lost posts.

    Sometimes I write something and then click the wrong button - "Next Thread" instead of "Post Quick Reply." Occasionally the system gives me a warning - "Are you sure you want to leave page" or something like that. But other times it goes to the next thread with no warning. That wouldn't be so...
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    O-ring Lubricant

    So I had a container of this product sitting around. Water Lube 1.75 oz Jar Lubricant and Sealant for O-rings and Gasket WLB-1 | eBay Wasn't entirely sure if it was really ok for pool O-rings so tried to google it for the ingredients. WARNING! Do not use "Water Lube" as a search term! I...
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    wired underwater speakers or other alternative?

    I was sort of daydreaming about a speaker in the pool and looked around. All I see are a few cheap bluetooth floaters that seem like a hassle with battery charging and not really meant for underwater. The few real wired speakers I could find started at $500. Is there an in-between choice? Is...
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    External ladder/stair weights. They are on to us! : Main Access Anchor Universal Pool Step Weight : Garden Outdoor :eye roll: If I was going to pay for a plastic container to fill with sand I would at least go for these -...
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    can't see photos in newer thread

    I can't see the OP's photos in this thread, but I CAN see other posters' images. Strange. Landscaping around pool
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    part liquid chlorine, part SWG - what should I aim for?

    Related to my question the other day about the new version of the Intex SWG machine, I am now getting low salt error after a few hours of run time on my old machine so having to add a fair amount of liquid chlorine daily until I decide what to do about my hardware. My question is what target...
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    New and possibly NOT improved Intex SWG?

    Anybody have any feedback on the updated Intex SWG? Seems to have mostly only changed the cover for the electronics and maybe the interface but lots of reviewers saying it errors to "salt too high" instead of "salt too low" like the old version. LOL maybe they reset that little item...
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    how does the photo gallery work?

    On the main page of the Forum at the top (PC desktop, Firefox) there is a band with 4 or 5 images titled "Random Gallery Images" when I click one, it opens to the gallery and there are lots of interesting images. I would like to read some of the threads they must be in but it is difficult to...
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    what is that gunk pn the cell and what can I do?

    FC - 3 CC - 0 pH - 7.5 TA - 90 CH - 140 CYA - 40 (adding) salt - 3000 It seems I have to remove the gunk from my salt cell every 2 weeks or so. that seems too often to my lazy self. is it calcium? when I think of scale I think of that hard tough crusty stuff on the bathtub faucet, this is...